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On May 7, 2023, we bid farewell to Dillon Manly, with a retirement celebration in the courtyard. Rev. Scott White gave a heartfelt speech, which you can read below. Congratulations to Dillon on her retirement! We miss seeing you in the office already.

“Just about 11 years ago, I arrived at Trinity, and Dillon Manly was only a year and a half into her role as Trinity’s Director of Finance. Any priest new to a church like Trinity can encounter one of two things when they arrive. 1) A suspicious staff who holds back and reserves their enthusiasm until they decide if they like you, resisting any suggestions for change, or 2) A Fully engaged staff eager to begin a journey of discovery to see how we might best be present for the church’s people and God’s kingdom.

When I arrived at Trinity, I found the latter, across the board with Trinity’s staff and today, especially with Dillon.

For 13 years, Dillon has shepherded the financial systems of Trinity Church with professionalism, confidentiality, grace, and, most important to me, joy!

She has been the smiling and thankful voice who has organized our financial life, maintained transparency, provided timely and relevant information to our Vestry and Investment Teams, and patiently dealt with wayward staff who often lose their receipts and fail to clock their time correctly for payroll.

She has been fully available to all of you as you seek to support Trinity’s Mission and Ministry with your financial gifts. I know how much you have come to rely on her to maintain your confidentiality, celebrate your giving, and be sure you have the information you need to give thanks to God through your financial life.

And this is important. I want you to know that Dillon’s job here at Trinity has also been a ministry. It can be hard to work for a church. Is it just a 9-5 responsibility, or is there something more to this? How do I appreciate that this job provides me a living and hear God’s call to serve in it without letting it overtake all my time and energy? It’s not always and easy balance to hold. Yet I want you to know that Dillon saw her job as a ministry. She was always pleased to serve God in this calling.

Dillon will now enter her retirement, free and available to celebrate children and grandchildren and further her life of luxury and leisure here in Asheville, at the Beach, or wherever she is called to be.

And, to further her ability to enjoy some Luxury, Trinity Church is pleased to present her with both a print of remembrance and a small gift that will allow her and her loved one, David, a few days of pampering and relaxation.

Please join me in saying Thank you to Dillon.”

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