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Delegates to the Annual Convention


Elizabeth Boulter
Ralph Simpson
Dave Hensley (alternate)
Anne Imes (alternate)

Dave Hensley

Anne Imes

Spencer Atwater (alternate)
Mark Whitney (alternate)


Vestry Nominees for the Class of 2023


David Hensley

Dave Hensley is a local native to Asheville raised in the Youth programs at First Presbyterian and graduated from TC Roberson. Dave attended Brevard College and later graduated from Appalachian State University with a BA in Marketing and Graphic Design.  As an avid runner and elite bike racer, Dave traveled throughout the US and Canada racing road and Mountain bikes.

Katherine and Dave were married in 1997 at the Cathedral of All Souls. The Hensley’s moved to Trinity Episcopal Church in 2003 after hearing Father Bill’s welcome and call to service.  Dave is thankful to have found an amazing foundation for raising our three children.

Confirmed in 2005 Dave continued to grow in his faith and was called to serve in Trinity’s Youth Development.  He has served in that role for the past 7 years and is still involved with the Middle and High School classes.  In 2019 Dave’s leadership led him to accompany Trinity Youth on the Cuba Mission trip. Dave describes the experience as an enlightening and humbling Christian experience.Dave is an active member of the Parish Life Committee and Trinity’s Buildings and Grounds Committee. Dave is a compassionate servant leader to the community and remains faithfully optimistic and reasonable to the needs of our challenging future. Dave describes his faith, prayer, and mindfulness as grounded in our spiritual community and leaders.

Katherine Ray

Katherine Clemens Ray was born in Atlanta and baptized and raised in the Methodist church (with some forays into the Presbyterian church).  But then she went to Sewanee and fell in love with the openness, ritual and comfort of the Episcopal church.  She also met her husband Billy (a lifetime Episcopalian) on the Mountain.  There, they went through the Catechumenate together, Katherine was confirmed in Easter 1998, and they were married at All Saint’s Chapel in 1999.   

After getting married, they moved to Durham, NC and joined St. Philip’s Episcopal Church.  They co-led the Rite 13 youth group, and their children Lizzy and Will were baptized in this wonderful church.

After four years in Winston-Salem (where Billy attended medical school), they settled in Asheville, with a goal of making this their forever home.  While Billy was starting residency at MAHEC, Katherine decided to take the kids to visit Trinity.  They were met with open arms by Beth Chestnut and knew they had found their church home.  They have loved being a part of Trinity, from Godly Play to the youth programs to Parents in Conversation.  Katherine is currently serving on the finance committee and looks forward to growing in her involvement with Trinity.  

Katherine has worked for Wells Fargo for over 20 years (through several mergers).  She is currently a Credit Client Service Manager, who works with compliance and regulatory matters in the commercial lending area of the Private Bank.  She loves spending time with her family, playing with her dogs, hiking and reading. 

Doug Scothorn

My name is Doug Scothorn, and I moved to Asheville from Dallas, Texas with my wife Bonnie, and my children Reid and Rebecca in 2006. We joined Trinity in 2007 and watched our children grow up in Trinity’s nurturing environment. We are now living the life of “empty nesters” with our household menagerie (currently 2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 finches and a betta fish). 

I was a regular participant in “Parents in Conversation” until I was asked to help Todd Cross and David Hensley with the Middle School Sunday School program several years ago. Prior to our current pandemic I spent many Sunday mornings working with the youth at Trinity. My involvement in the youth program has continued to expand, and I have been working with Debbie Cox in the High School Sunday School Program. I have also served as a Confirmation Mentor for 3 Trinitarian youth. 

Last Fall, I had the opportunity to attend the 2nd Annual Trinity Men’s Retreat. Over that weekend at Lake Logan, I was able to join with an amazing group of like-minded men to nurture our faith and community. 

In December 2019, Bonnie and I completed the 4-year EfM program with an extraordinary group of Christians (led by Peggy Buchanan and Sandy Grant). This experience has led me to a much deeper and mature understanding of my faith and how to use it to positively impact the world around me. 

I have a real passion for working with young people (after all, in my spare time I work as a Pediatric Oncologist at Mission Hospital). I am looking forward to having even more opportunities to help the Youth programs at Trinity. 

I am deeply honored to be nominated to serve on the Vestry and look forward to the day when we may all be together again for worship and fellowship

Imogene Radeker Stevens, aka Cissie, has been a member of Trinity for over 50 years.  She was born in Washington, DC and lived in various parts of the country until moving to Asheville in 1948.  A graduate of Bryn Mawr College, Cissie has always been involved in education and women’s issues. As the mother of three sons she tried to practice what she values – honesty, integrity and caring for others.  Brought up as a Catholic she and her husband, Jack, chose to become Episcopalians prior to their marriage in 1965.  It was not until joining Trinity that she felt she had finally come home. Home to a welcoming place, with caring people dedicated to making our community better.  Cissie is especially concerned that all people work diligently to halt the spread of bigotry and injustice and that as a congregation we strive to become more diversified.

Cissie Stevens

Until her retirement, Cissie was the Director of the College for Seniors, a life long learning program, now known as Ollie at UNC Asheville.  She is a trustee of UNC Asheville and a member of Pen and Plate. She resides at Deerfield Episcopal Retirement Community with her beloved dog, Beau.  She likes to garden, cook, read, hike and meet and gather with people. She is honored to be considered for the Vestry at Trinity.

Linda Watt

My “first career” was the Foreign Service, which included assignments in Managua, London, San Jose, Quito, Moscow, US Southern Command, and at the State Department (Near Eastern Affairs and Western Hemisphere Affairs), plus as acting Ambassador in the Dominican Republic and Ambassador to Panama.  My area of expertise is Latin America, which I studied in college and grad school. I was born in Japan and have been to 88 countries. Traveling is in my blood and soul.  I love learning about other peoples and cultures. 

I’ve been a faithful Episcopalian for many years.  After the Foreign Service, I was the Chief Operating Officer of the Episcopal Church, working for Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori for 5 years. I was on the Board of Episcopal Relief and Development during that time as well.  I am a certified spiritual director.  My Christian faith, with its emphasis on love, mercy, justice, and grace, is a constant for me.  I treasure hearing about people’s spiritual journeys, whatever that might mean to them.   


I like church governance.  I was the Vice President of the Standing Committee and a deputy to General Convention for the Diocese of Utah, and was elected deputy from the Diocese of Western North Carolina for the 2021 General Convention.  I am a member of the Board of Trustees of the Church Pension Group, elected in 2018 for a six year term, and serve on the finance and audit committees.  I also served on the vestry, and was Senior Warden, of our church in St. George, Utah before we moved to the Asheville area.  


My extremely supportive husband, Leo Duncan, and I moved to Weaverville in January 2017.   We found Trinity in our second week here and knew immediately it would be our home.  I am a welcome minister, facilitated our downtown community study, have presented a couple of Sunday forums, and am one of Trinity’s representatives on the Church Street Collaborative. I am also on the advisory board of the Diocese’s Blue Ridge Service Corps. 


My son and his family live in Cary; my daughter and her family in Nashville.  I have three perfect grandchildren.  I am a voracious reader, an occasional volunteer Spanish translator for Pisgah Legal, a devotee of British cop shows, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, take classes at OLLI at UNCA, am involved with a national organization of women leaders, and play in a mountain dulcimer ensemble.

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