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Join us on Sunday evenings at 5:30pm for a Celtic Eucharist (online & in-person)

What is a Celtic Eucharist? A Celtic service is a candlelight service using sacred music to provide a meditative worship experience; it is a service steeped in tradition.  Musically, you will hear a variety of instruments that may include flute, harp, cello, violin, and more.  The piano is used as our main support for music.  Silence has a place of importance at various intervals as well.  Visually, you can expect to see a darkened sanctuary with dozens of lighted candles and an icon or two.  

Prayers and liturgical forms used will be from a variety of sources including those found in the Christian communities of Iona and Northumbria, as well as our own Anglican sources.  

This is a wonderful opportunity to invite a friend, family member or acquaintance to join you.  This service is intended to be inclusive and welcoming of all people.  We pray this opportunity will add to the fullness of worship at Trinity for ourselves and for others.  

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