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Outreach Team


Our team continues to seek God’s will and the direction of the Holy Spirit in seeking to serve those in need in our community. We welcome your participation and encourage you to become involved by joining our team and/or getting involved in an ongoing Outreach activity.


Appalachian Regional Ministry


The Appalachian Regional Ministry continues to solidify Trinity's efforts to help our neighbors in need. There are two general areas of ministry, current and those identified as a need by the ministers in Robbinsville. Keep in mind almost 2/3 of the County is a national park so their income base will never be great; eg., over half the children are living in poor or low-income homes.


As for Trinity's current efforts, a growing number of volunteers has been going out to Graham County to help local volunteers  unload the Manna food truck and repackage big boxes of fruits and vegetables so they can be given out to families in need. Then our Trinity volunteers go to work in the kitchen and help prepare a meal which is given out in the evening. Initially we prepared food to feed 200 people. The need has grown so we are now preparing food for around 300 people.


The ministers out there have identified additional needs such as inadequate housing, a safe social gathering place for youth and the lack of computer skills for adults. There are other needs, of course, including economic development. Trinity has begun conversation with the ministers out there as to how we can best help meet those specific needs. Currently, for example, five people from Trinity have volunteered to help teach computer skills and we are planning our very first meeting later this month.


With God's help, Trinity is responding to the Vestry's call to develop this type of ministry. The ministers out there have repeatedly expressed how grateful they are for our help. They are genuinely trying to do all they can for the poor, and with our mutual prayers and efforts it is good to be able to see God's hand at work. 


Submitted by

Tom Goodrich

Appalachian Regional Ministry

Pastoral Care Team


The Pastoral Care team meets monthly to oversee Trinity’s many pastoral ministries, coordinate efforts to care for the parish’s sick, grieving, or needy, and to discuss the pastoral cares and concerns of the community. The goal is to avoid institutionalizing care, as multifaceted care is ongoing with clergy, staff and parishioners.


When the Pandemic began we moved to meeting on Zoom, and this method of meeting has been positive overall. We continue to primarily meet on Zoom. Often our meetings last 30 to 40 minutes and the time travel to and from the church can add another 30 to 40 minutes for some members. It is a positive savings. 


Additionally, we have added a number of members to the team to help us oversee our pastoral care. 


Our meal team continues to deliver hearty meals to those recovering from health issues and those who are in the midst of difficult times or times of grief. Trinity’s Encouragement ministry, led by Jennine Hough and consisting of close to a dozen people, continues to offer written cards with words of comfort, prayer, and encouragement to many of our parish members who are sick, unable to travel, or grieving. Corkie Morrill continues to host a group for caregivers of those with dementia or other cognitive illnesses.


One of the great additions to our pastoral care at the outset of the pandemic was the development and implementation of a new ministry titled Flower Delivery Guild. We have a whole host of volunteers who dismantle the altar flowers from Sunday, arrange them in individual containers and deliver them to Trinity’s sick, homebound, as well as those who have blessings in life, birth, baptisms, weddings and confirmations. This continues to be a wonderful addition to our overall pastoral care. 


We have resumed our Healing Station Ministry at the 10:45 service and will continue to evaluate when we might return that ministry to the 8:00 and 5:30 services. Our former Deacon, Peggy Buchanan is working to reconstitute our Lay Eucharistic Ministry. 


I am ever grateful to all those who serve on this ministry team and share with me in the pastoral care of Trinity Church.

Respectfully submitted,

Scott White

Pastoral Care

Caregivers’ Ministry

This group meets the second Friday of each month and is a support group for those who are providing care for loved ones who have terminal illnesses, especially those diagnosed with some form of dementia.  Currently, during and post the COVID-19 pandemic, the group continues to meet through Zoom technology.  This is especially important at this time because caregivers are often caring for their loved ones 24/7 alone since professional help is often unwilling to come into the homes of individuals.


As we go forward, post-pandemic, we hope to meet using a combined format of in-person and zoom.  This will enable all who wish to attend to do so.


Respectfully submitted,

Florence M. Morrill, PsyD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Caregivers' Ministry

Daughters of the King 

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The Daughters of the King is an Order for women who are communicants of the Episcopal Church or churches in communion with it.  Today our membership includes women in Episcopal, Lutheran, Roman Catholic and Anglican churches.


As Daughters, we undertake a Rule of Life, which can be thought of as a covenant between God and ourselves.  It helps us to focus on our walk with Jesus Christ.  Our Rule of Life incorporates a Rule of Prayer and a Rule of Service.

members of our chapter and our clergy, and the spiritual growth of our parish. We also pray specifically for members of our parish who request prayers and for those on the Sunday prayer list in the bulletin. Our members are involved in various services throughout the church such as vestry, altar guild, garden guild, Sunday school teachers, lay readers, outreach in the community, volunteering with the Church of the Advocate, etc.


Through the Rule of Service, a Daughter seeks to do the will of God every day. It is the application of her baptismal vow in which she strives to be Christ’s faithful servant by growing His Kingdom, participating in worship and study and assisting clergy in the outreach and work of the church.

The Order of Daughters of the King at Trinity inducted one member, Mary Culbertson, into the Daughters during the past year. We hope to have a Quiet day in Advent. We met on Zoom during the time we could not attend church. We met outside and now have resumed our monthly meetings in the Clark Room .Our book study was A Tree Full of Angels. We provided a scholarship for a student in Haiti to attend school and we also sent money in support of those affected by the earthquake. We have provided underwear, shoes, and monetary donations for the Church of the Advocate. We also help with breakfast and funerals and Dinner on the go. Some of our members attended the Fall conference on Zoom. Two of our members have led the Contemplative prayer service on Zoom. Nancy McCorkle is the President. Ada Jo Foley is the Secretary and Marty Boone is the Treasurer.  Any interested women are invited to contact Nancy McCorkle at  or at 912-224-5387. We welcome new members at any time.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy McCorkle

Daughters of the King
Parish Life

Parish Life

Mission Statement: Parish Life works to strengthen social and spiritual ties within the members of Trinity Church. Our goal is to foster bonds which hold Trinitarians together.


Breakfast returned  on Sunday, August 28th  in Tuton Hall at 9:00 am. The cost is $5.00.


Funeral receptions provide refreshments with graciousness and abundant thanks to volunteers who come forward on short notice. Receptions generally follow funerals or memorial services. Most of the receptions were outside in the Church Street courtyard.


Parish Dinners and Volunteering

We had a Dinner To Go In January where Debbie Cox cooks and advertises a meal for $10.00 and parishioners  pick it up. We had a few Trinity’s parish life Committee assembles meals and hands them out to parishioners on the designated Sunday.  Any profits from the meals goes to Youth scholarships. We had our Annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper each year with the Trinity men cooking pancakes. During Lent, we had Lunch and the Labyrinth each Wednesday in Lent. We have our Steak Dinner that coincides with our Musical Revue each year.  Also, Debbie cooks a meal with a couple  parish life committee members who are volunteering  at Transformation Village the third Tuesday of each month. Also, Debbie Cox cooks a meal for the Veterans Quarters the first Wednesday of each month and serves it.

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Parish Life Committee


Sandy Grant, Susan Haldane, Jeannie Powell, Binford Jennings, Ralph Simpson, Art Garst, Beth Putnum, Grace Pless, Katie Chappell, Marty Boone, Mary Culbertson, Adrian Vassallo, Barbara Setzer, Ada Jo Foley, David Hensley, Michael Andry, Robert Haden, Janet Webb, and Debbie Cox

Respectfully submitted,

Debbie Cox


Flower Delivery Ministry


The Flower Delivery Ministry was inaugurated after Easter Sunday, 2020.

With a huge array of flowers intended to adorn the sanctuary, Easter was a virtual service for the first time in the history of Trinity Church. What to do with the flowers?


Ken Wilson and Pastoral Care Team-member, Chris Dismukes, pulled together a team of three to arrange over 60 small vases the day after Easter. Another team of three delivered to parishioners at Retirement Communities, nursing homes and those alone at home. 

Out of this effort, the Flower Guild learned that this small gift of flowers from the altar was a symbol of God’s love, and our love and support of one another.

This ministry is now a part of Pastoral Care, as we think of those in need, dealing with trying times, or celebrating a milestone.


Each Sunday, volunteers meet at Trinity after the 10:45 service to rearrange flowers from the altar to smaller vases. Deliveries follow with one or two volunteers who may have 4-6 vases, depending on flower availability.


Our group currently consists of 25 volunteers. Being a part of this ministry

gives just as much joy to us as the joy delivered to others. We receive many wonderful well wishes from recipients who are grateful for this small way of showing support. To date, over 800 flower arrangements have been delivered by this committed team.


Please contact me if you are interested in arranging, delivering or both, or if you know of a parishioner who would benefit from a delivery.


If you have clear glass vases that you would like to donate, feel free to deliver to the church kitchen. Please kindly run them through your dishwasher before donating, as dirty vases encourage bacteria growth that result in dead flowers!


Chris Dismukes


Flower Delivery Ministry
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