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We give thanks to God for the many opportunities we have been given to help the underserved in our community. It is a real honor to help decide how best to utilize the gifts of our parish.


Our team has two primary functions. The first is to act as prudent stewards of money designated by the Trinity Vestry. We award grants to various organizations we believe are most effective in helping individuals in need. The second function is to promote activities to encourage others to serve one another in Christ and provide “hands on” opportunities to serve and expand God’s Kingdom in the community surrounding our parish. 

In our first function, we were blessed to receive $70,000 for 2023 to distribute to organizations that apply for grants. We consider the grant requests that are consistent with our goal of serving our neighbors with shelter, food, and children’s welfare. We are deeply appreciative to Trinity’s Vestry and parishioners who have made our grant program possible. See the Trinity website for a list of organizations our church sponsors (


In our second function of promoting “hands on” ministry opportunities, we continued to support the following ministries:


  • Our “Red Bag Food Drive” collects food for needy organizations.The first collection will go to Helpmate, the second will be for Manna, and the third will be for the Appalachian Regional Ministry. Each drive has brought in many pounds of food and/or supplies. We all have been truly amazed and humbled by your generosity!


  • We continue to provide snacks to Creative Peacemakers. This is an after school program designed to help children learn and practice peacemaking through cooperative relationships and play.


  • We will partner with First Presbyterian and Central Methodist to host the Loaves & Fishes Alternative Market. The goal of this is to provide funding for 12 local ministries.                                                                                        


  • Trinity has been at the forefront of the Meals on Wheels program in Buncombe County, participating since the 1970s with meal delivery teams. We are proud to have been a part of this very important ministry for many years. 


In October we host an intergenerational event called Rise Against Hunger. This effort by so many in our parish helps generate up to 10,000 meals, which are then distributed to those most in need here in the US or abroad.


We also hope to continue our partnership with Children First Communities to provide gifts for children who would otherwise not have any.   


Our team continues to seek God’s Will and the direction of the Holy Spirit in seeking to serve our community. We welcome your participation and encourage you to become involved by joining our team and/or getting involved in an ongoing Outreach activity. Please contact me at if you have any questions concerning the Outreach Team. 


Thank you again for your generous support of the ministries of Trinity Outreach!


Respectfully submitted,

Tom Goodrich

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