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Trinity Episcopal Church's youth departed for Greece on Tuesday and will be there until June 22. Before leaving, George Zourzoukis and his mother Evanggelia "Julia" Zourzoukis hosted a traditional Greek lunch for the group and offered some advice for their journey. Reverend Dennis Fotinos, who has a Greek Orthodox background, along with George and Julia, recited the Lord’s Prayer in Greek to bless the meal. The meal was delightful including Souvlaki, Spanakopita, Greek style potato salad, Pita Bread, Tzatziki sauce, Assorted Greek Olives, Village salad, Feta cheese, and, of course, Baklava! All home made by Julia. Many thanks to George and Julia for their hospitality and guidance prior to our departure.

As a side note, for you long timers that remember Three Brothers Restaurant, Julia's husband, George's father, Demostenes Zourzoukis was one of the three brothers who began the restaurant in the 1950s. George and two of his cousins continued the tradition until the restaurant closed in 2011.


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