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Last fall when the children and youth were not going back to school because of the pandemic, Trinity created a space for some of our youth to do virtual school. There are five who participate in the Trinity Co-op. In addition, two members of the Church of the Advocate, sister and brother, Evony, a sixth grader, and Jaden, an Asheville High student, joined these students for their virtual studies. The Trinity staff provide daily transportation to the church for these two. Sarah Butrum, a retired math professor, offered to help any student who was struggling with a math class. When it was determined that Evy needed some extra help, Sarah began working with her every week. Sarah was asked how it all came about, and she said, “As a retired teacher, it is very sad to hear about these virtual students who don’t have anyone to turn to when they don’t understand on their own. Evy was given a laptop and a schedule, and told to log in at a specific time for each class all day long, with no other support in place. How many 11 or 12 years olds can handle such a responsibility? We meet weekly and work on her assignments (mostly math) and some remedial topics. It’s an eye-opener to see how little support these young people have available to them, and it has been very rewarding to see her become more confident in her ability to be successful. I look forward to our session every week!”


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