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In September, Marcia Jones was looking around the Nave realizing that there are so many nooks and crannies that it would be impossible for Glenn (our Sexton) to get them all. She, being very task oriented, took “ownership of her church” and with Glenn’s help was able to find the places that could use her attention.

Marcia tries to come every Friday and works for two hours which “go by very fast.” Cleaning all of the wooden surfaces in the Nave, she finds peace – and sometimes gets an organ concert.

Marcia’s attitude is that if you see something that needs attention, consider finding out if you could in some way help meet the need.

Marcia has also played French Horn and has sung in the choir for special music presentations. Her husband Michael frequently plays the oboe and English horn for the Celtic Eucharists as well as other Sunday morning occasions. Marcia is also on the Creation Care and Grounds Committee where spending time outdoors at the church also gives a special peace.


If you see and need and want to help meet it, call the church office. If you haven’t already done so, complete our Trinity Time and Talent Survey.


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