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By: Walter Diehl

On Saturday, January 27, during a lull in the heavy rains, we dedicated a Free Exchange Library Box for young readers on the GROW Trail at Lake Tomahawk in Black Mountain, NC. The dedication was for my Mom, Lynne Diehl as she spent her career happily as a literature professor, storyteller, and avid reader. We thought it fitting to honor her for her years of showing people of all ages new insights that serve to enrich the human experience. The dedication was a surprise for her and Mom was elated to have this recognition.

Thank you to Sally Cochran who designed and managed the project through the Friends of the Black Mountain Library. Thank you to Steve Cochran for his whimsical artistry and painting of the Library Box.

We were so grateful to have Mom's decades long friend and my Godmother, The Reverend Charlotte Waldrop, deliver blessings and prayers at the dedication. Much thanks to Melisa Pressley, Branch Manager at the Black Mountain Library for facilitating the project and of course thank you to the talented wood craftsman Gene "Ski" Furmanski for creating a sturdy and charming structure.

For more about the GROW Trail at Lake Tomahawk visit

Lynne Diehl

Lynne Diehl and her son, Walter Diehl

Walter Diehl, Lynne Diehl, Rev. Charlotte Waldrop, Melisa Pressley, Sally and Steve Chochran


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