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Greetings Trinity Friends,

I’m looking forward to seeing you here at Trinity tomorrow evening for our glorious celebration of the Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ. As I write, the Flower Guild is as busy as church mice, making our space a beautiful reflection of the joy in our hearts.

I know that another variation of COVID is raising concerns. I want to remind us of just a few things before tomorrow night’s celebration.

First, as I’ve said before, however you take part here at Trinity is a blessing. However, you show up is a gift. Tomorrow evening our 5 p.m. service will be live-streamed. And if you want to come by the office today to pick up communion elements, we’ll be here until 5:00p.

Second, those attending in person will wear masks and I give thanks once again for the Vestry’s significant investment by installing the Halo system in all of our HVAC units, a system proven to kill COVID-19, flu, mold, and any other bacteria that may circulate throughout our HVAC systems.

Third, remember that we have added a service to our Christmas Eve celebration this year so that our numbers would be more spread out and we might have more elbow room in the church. And because several folks have asked, if I had to guess, the 3:00p and 7:00p services may have a bit more elbow room than 5:00p. And, if you arrive and decide you want even more elbow room and social distancing, we will simulcast each service in Tuton Hall, so you may take part there and still receive the sacrament in person.

Again, it will be a joy to be with you (however you show up) and I wish you and yours a very merry and blessed Christmas


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