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Membership Request Form

Welcome to Trinity!  Our deepest prayer as a community is that Trinity is a place where, whoever or wherever you are, you will find Trinity to be a place of rest and connection.  

We invite you to fill out the information below. We want to get to you better, and, if you have questions about Trinity or the Episcopal Church, to help you find the answers.

May you find God’s peace here and wherever you may go on the journey of life.

Which service(s) do you attend?
How do you attend services
Would you like a member to contact you to get to know Trinity better?

Principal Contact (head of household, etc.)

Are you transferring your Membership?

Spouse / Partner

Are you transferring your Membership?

Other Family Members





Thank You

Once you have been set up as a member in Trinity’s church management system (Realm), you will receive an email inviting you to join our online community.  The subject line will say “Trinity Episcopal Church: Join our online community!”, and will provide instructions on how to register on Realm.

Once registered, you will be able to access your member profile, upload a personal photo, view the online member directory, connect with other members, see your financial giving history, make a pledge/payment, register for events, and more.


We encourage you to create an account today. 

The following information is included in the secure (password protected) directory. Please check any items below that you wish to not appear in the online directory:

Click all that apply.
Thank you
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