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Easter Memorials & Thanksgivings

As is our custom, we invite you to make a donation as a memorial for a loved one who has died or in thanksgiving for a loved one. The Easter Bulletin will include the names of those you request. This bulletin will be provided to all and published. 


Your gift, as always, helps to adorn Trinity with decoration and music for our Easter celebration. Neither our decorations nor our music (brass included) will disappoint. 


Perhaps this year, we give thanks more than others, for all those who have gone before and for those in our lives today who make these days worth living.

Make a Donation

Enter the name(s) for your memorial dedication here:

Enter the name(s) for your thanksgiving dedication here:

The Deadline for Dedications
has passed.

Enter the text for "Given by" here.

ie: Jane Fox, the Fox family, etc.

Person making this request:

Once you submit your request, it will be received by the Church office.  You will be then redirected to our "Make a Donation" page where you may make your contribution.

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