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Education &

Sundays at Trinity
Godly Play

Sunday School classes meet every Sunday from 9:30-10:30 am and use the Godly Play approach to faith development.

Children have an innate sense of the presence of God. The Godly Play approach helps them explore their faith through story, gain religious language, and enhance their spiritual experience through wonder and play. Based on Montessori principles and developed using a spiral curriculum, the Godly Play method serves children through early, middle, late childhood, and beyond. Join us!
Godly Play 1  The youngest class (three-year-olds who are potty trained through pre-K) works with the core stories of Godly Play, using the shorter version of these stories designed with shorter attention spans in mind.
Godly Play 2  K through 2nd graders continue to work with the core stories of faith, using the more extended, fuller accounts. Several of the Godly Play extension and enrichment stories are added to the repertoire as well.
Rite in the Middle  3rd through 5th graders not only work with the core stories but begin to work with multiple stories side by side to see their connections. Synthesis, enrichment, and extension stories are the bread and butter for this group!



  • to acknowledge, appreciate and nurture the innate spirituality of every child

  • to create a safe, loving environment that encourages spiritual growth and wondering

  • to grow in knowledge and relationship with the biblical narratives.

  • to offer various responses to the stories that provide an outlet for different ways of exploring (multiple intelligences).

Goldy Play Location

From the office entrance, by the playground, head down the stairs to the lower level. Godly Play 1 is located through the second door on your left. Godly Play 2 is at the far end of the hall on your left. Rite in the Middle is the door on your immediate right.



The nursery is open throughout the year and serves ages 0-3 (who are not potty trained). The nursery opens on Sundays at 9:20 am and remains open throughout the morning until all children are picked up after the last service, roughly noon during the school year and 11 o'clock during the summer. We have a highly qualified staff of two. All keep up-to-date safety certifications.  Location: 2nd door to your right in the hallway to Tuton Hall.

Other Sunday Morning Offerings

Children's Hour (Sundays at 10:30a)


A particular time for our younger children to gather for a snack and worship starts at 10:30 am. This "Hour" is designed for potty-trained three-year-olds through second grade (generally Godly Play 1 and 2). During worship time, biblical stories support the liturgical year and age-appropriate prayers, songs, and movement to create a unique worship experience for children. Andrew Davis is our pianist and provides us with rich musical accompaniment! The children join parents in the Church after The Peace (around 11:30). Children's Hour starts in the Undercroft for snacks, and then we move to the Redwood Chapel for worship.

Come to the Table

Learning about Holy  Communion        


This class is an engaging, age-appropriate program that involves children in the meaning of the Holy Eucharist. It educates them about the sacrament for those already receiving it and prepares others to receive communion by giving them practical instruction at the altar rail. Godly Play 2 (Grades K-2nd) and Rite in the Middle (Grades 3rd-5th) will have two sessions with clergy, concluded by receiving communion together at the 10:45 service. We hope all children will join in as we help deepen their experience of the Eucharist.

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Summer Sundays

Come Join the Circle


This program takes place each summer in lieu of our regular Godly Play classes.  It is open to a wide age range: 3 year olds (that are fully potty trained) through 5th grade.  Each summer has a different theme that we explore in unique ways, culminating in a little outdoor time and some cool treats!  We meet in the Redwood Chapel/Undercroft from 9:50-11 am.

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Several times throughout the year we will have an “Everybody Upstairs” Sunday, where all ages worship together at the 10:45 service, with a Godly Play lesson as the sermon for the day! We take this opportunity to involve children and the entire congregation in the telling of one of our Godly Play stories in an interactive, “large” way! Our children also participate throughout the service.

4 for Families


This group is for families with elementary age children and younger, to gather once a season: fall, winter, spring and summer, for recreational time together.  Our mission is to build fellowship among families with younger children and to foster a sense of community with folks in our parish. Be on the lookout for 4 FOR FAMILIES events in the coming year! This past year included the outdoor “Saint O’Lantern Walk”!

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Club 345


Club 345 is a Junior Youth Group for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders that meets once a month after church for fun, fellowship, and outreach to the community. Past events include: volunteering at Manna Food Bank and Steadfast House, snow tubing, pinball museum, AMOS visit, and the ever popular “Fake Sleepover”!

Other Fellowship, Fun, and Formation for Families

Vacation Bible School

Summer 2023 dates:  June 26-29  9am-noon

Trinity and two other area churches join to create a fantastic 4-day summer experience for children ages three through rising 6 graders. Each summer we focus on a particular theme through Bible stories (told the Godly Play way!) and explore the stories through crafts, science, song, yoga, snacks, games and more.  Our last day of VBS is a water play day! 

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  • The Alleluia Choir is a training choir for ages 4 through 2nd grade. It teaches the basics of singing, note reading and counting.  This choir meets on Wednesdays at 5:00, and includes a meal following rehearsal.


  • The Jubilate Singers follows the Royal School of Church Music goals, which promotes excellence in church music and choral singing. This choir is for 3rd through 8th graders. It meets each Wednesday at 5:30. A simple meal is available at 5:00.

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Choirs for Children (Wednesdays)

Annual Lenten Family Project

Each year we offer a special take-homeLenten project/devotional for families. 

Annual Easter Egg Hunt and Flower Cross

On the morning of the Resurrection of Jesus, we host a joyful celebration which includes an egg hunt. The egg hunt takes place between the 9:00a service and the 11:00 service. Whether you have just attended the 9:00a service or are about to attend the 11:00 service, come to the chapel courtyard at 10:30a for this joy-filled time. Also, we always welcome you to bring some flowers on Easter morning to add to our Flower Cross.

Annual Advent Wreath Making and Family Project

Each year, on the first Sunday in Advent, we host a family wreath making project. It comes with a devotional booklet to use at home with your wreath and other ways to reflect on the season. 

Annual Children’s Christmas Pageant

Each Christmas Eve we hold a Godly Play inspired Christmas Pageant as one of our main services of the evening. All children are welcome to participate. There is a space for everyone, including visiting grandchildren, and other family members. The service concludes with the Eucharist and much loved carols of Christmas are sung by all. 

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