Youth Confirmation 2021

May 23, 2021 - Pentecost with Bishop's Visitation

Confirmation Classes will be held for five Sundays beginning April 18 through May 9 from 4 to 5 p.m. These will be offered as a hybrid experience at Trinity so that you can attend in person (with strict pandemic protocols) or remotely over Zoom

This year's classes will be based on the book My Faith, My Life and each confirmand will receive this book in the mail with the expectation to read it. 


The confirmation service will likely be different from our tradition at Trinity and will depend on the number of people we are allowed to have in the building at that time and the number of people to be confirmed. There may be a limit to the number of people who can attend in-person, we may be able to set up Tuton Hall for live simulcast worship, or we may consider an afternoon in-person experience. We honestly don’t know and I want to be transparent that our decision will be made closer to the date and will prioritize health and safety of all involved. 

I know, like a lot of things, this is less than ideal. My own children are eligible this year and it’s not exactly how I imagined it would be. Yet, I can’t think of a more important time to remind them of their beloved identity in God and the community of Christ that walks with them than in the midst of a year that has already shaped our children in profound ways.

Each family should make the best decision for their situation. No pressure. No shame. No judgment. 

If the Confirmation Retreat is important to you or your child, you should feel free to wait.


That’s okay! We do expect and hope the overnight retreat at Lake Logan will be an option in some form next year. In addition, if your child is confirmed this year and would still like to attend the retreat for the community building experience next year, they will be welcome to join us (though some of the material may repeat) even if they are already confirmed. 


We don’t want anyone to have to choose between one or the other. Our kids have had to sacrifice enough this year. We don’t want to ask them to give up one more thing. Yet, with the Bishop offering to confirm this year, we felt we would be remiss not to extend the opportunity to each of you this year as well.


Please reach out to Debbie or David with any questions. 


828-253-9361 (ext. 229)


828-253-9361 (ext. 225)