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Youth Confirmation 2022
April 24 - with Bishop's Visitation

Confirmation Sunday will be April 24, and Trinity’s confirmation retreat will be Friday, March 18 to Sunday, March 20 at Lake Logan.

Please carve out this time as a gift to your child. Your child must be present at the retreat to be confirmed on April 24. Please let us know by January 31 if your child will attend.


Confirmation is a critical sacramental rite in the Episcopal Church and it’s a profoundly important moment for young people’s own spiritual development. One of the most pervasive messages in our culture is that we are not enough – not strong enough, not pretty enough, not wealthy enough – and that in order to fill that emptiness we must only buy this item, do this thing, or belong to this group. Church is one of the only places in this world where our young people are reminded of their true identities – God’s daughters and sons irrevocably beloved without reservation and without qualification. It’s also one of the few places in the world that will remind them they are called by God to a life bigger than consumerism and entertainment, a life as part of God’s mission of mercy and justice in the world.


And it will be FUN! We laugh as much as we learn on these weekends together. 

Please register signaling your commitment to be a part of our confirmation weekend by completing the form found below. 


At the beginning of 2022, you will receive more detailed information regarding the Confirmation Weekend and scholarships will be available

A laptop or desktop is recommended.
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