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Worship Team

The Worship Team is composed of both lay and ordained people at Trinity and is charged with assisting the Rector in planning, organizing and implementing parish worship.


In the Episcopal Church, the Rector has sole responsibility for leading and shaping worship in the congregation. However, liturgy cannot happen by the work of the Rector alone. It takes a large group of dedicated individuals to offer liturgy that is meaningful and lifts up the presence of Jesus among us. This team seeks to work together so that the worship of Trinity is edifying to all.


In normal times we meet four times a year to assist the Rector with planning. The team comes together to review and coordinate upcoming services; critique past services for any new learning and help cast a vision for worship at Trinity.


After a hiatus during COVID, the worship team met for the first time in over a year in September of 2021. We reviewed services for the remainder of 2021 and have scheduled a meeting in the new year. We continue to review how worship services are being conducted in this continued COVID environment and will keep as a main part of our agenda how we may adjust, improve or even scale back. 


It is clear that not all members of Trinity who were participating as a minister of the service before the pandemic have returned. A number of our ministries are suffering from lack of participation. There is a reduced number of members serving on the Altar Guild, for example. We have not yet returned to hosting our prayer station on Sunday mornings as we do not have the members to lead it and it requires zero social distancing. We will evaluate that ministry as the COVID restrictions are lifted. 

Respectively submitted

Scott White

Music Ministry

Music Ministry continued to carry on during the pandemic, but with fewer participants. A special type of singer’s mask was used through part of the year, in order to protect against aerosols produced by singing.


Altar Guild​

The ministry of the Altar Guild is the “quiet ministry” at Trinity church. It is the role of the Altar Guild to prepare all things that are necessary for the celebration of the Eucharist, Sacraments, and Offices of the Church. 


In 2021, Trinity’s Altar Guild consisted of 16 active members . We had several retirements this past year and one member who requested to be a  substitute as well as several who have not expressed a desire to continue as a member. We have the challenge of members being confident enough to return to in-person service, although that has picked up. Hopefully, we can get back to more participation. We have also had to order more disposable communion cups and trays  than anticipated  for the services as well as make sure the vestments and hangings are clean and in good repair. There are supplies that are essential: wine, wafers, cups, candles, liquid wax and cleaning supplies. 


We continue to be  dedicated to serving God by preparing the sanctuary, the altar, the hangings, vessels and elements for service and worship. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Jane Exner and  Brad Wilson


Linen Guild​

The Linen Guild is the part of St. Hilda’s Altar Guild that launders, maintains and cares for the Eucharistic linens used in all our services. These beautiful sacred linens include: purificators, corporals, credence table covers, baptismal towels, altar cloths and fair linens. 

Even though we were worshipping virtually for part of this past year due to COVID, Trinity’s altar cloths and linens were being used on a regular basis. Now we are worshipping in person and presently using our 4 altars for various weekly services. Our members continue to be faithful in caring for our beautiful linens.

Membership in the Linen Guild is not exclusive to members of the St. Hilda’s Altar Guild. Anyone who has an interest and will care for the linens in a reverent, careful manner is welcome. Linen Guild members currently serve on a rotating schedule of two weeks twice a year. Members take the used linens home after the Eucharist to launder and iron them, returning them to the church the following week. 

We presently have 13 members in this guild. We are grateful to those who serve in this ministry and we welcome anyone who would like to be a part of this dedicated group. Linen Guild members, through their service, deepen their faith and their knowledge of the church and the Sacraments. 


Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Whisenhunt 




Trinity’s Acolyte Ministry is the largest, most active group of youth in the church. We have 37 youth  and children who serve on a regular basis, at least once a month, but sometimes more. The goal of the acolyte ministry is to serve God and his church, and to enhance the worship service for all involved. Acolytes don’t do or say a lot during the service, but imagine how different our service would be without the cross, candles, or banners!  

Trinity Flower Guild


 "It is the Lord himself who urges us to “consider the lilies, how they grow” (Matthew 6:28). In doing so, he directs us in an awesome encounter. The use of flowers in the church is an expression of joy and love to our Lord and gives our worship life.



  • The “Ministers of the Service” notification program has been utilized since our reopening last summer. For the most part our ushers have adapted to this new technology very well. We are still working with some of our less-techy members to increase their comfort.

  • In light of the MSP system’s ability to manage scheduling changes and special needs, the role of the head usher will be changing to include the creation of an annual schedule, maintenance of the usher roster and coordination of training for our usher captains as procedures change.

  • We are implementing a special “temporary” Christmas Eve schedule with four services between 11:00 AM and 7:00 PM in an effort to accommodate all parishioners with various COVID concerns. 

  • Drafted the usher schedule for 2022 with six teams of five ushers each. The schedule covers the 52 regular 10:45 services and 15 special services. This schedule will be fully implemented assuming we are released from COVID restrictions.

  • An all usher dinner is being planned for one evening this fall to refresh our procedures, review the MSP system with our new administrator, Patrick O’toole and share some time together as a ministry group.


Respectfully submitted,

David Pheil

Congregational Development


The Congregational Development Ministry Team’s mission is to:


  • Extend Trinity’s ministry beyond our walls and out to the wider community.

  • Make the experience of a newcomer as welcoming as it can be.

  • Fully incorporate newcomers and help them move beyond membership to participation.

  • Encourage current members into participation.


This past year we have specifically done the following:​


Provided Welcome Ministers at our Sunday morning services.

  • Provided updates to our Pictorial Directory.

  • Made weekly calls to anyone who submits a Welcome Card.

  • Continued our Stocking Ministry to regularly restock each pew card holder with Welcome Cards and Scribble Cards.


Thankfully, we were able to resume welcoming newcomers this year, which was great, as people continue to visit and join Trinity! The coffee hour in our courtyard has provided a wonderful place to safely get to know one another. We are making plans for a newcomer event prior to our 5:30pm service.


Our dreams for the future are to continue to incorporate both old comers and newcomers into becoming more engaged at Trinity.


Team Members:  Ed Bleynat, Jim Deuel, Kary Deuel, Bill Dockendorf, Ben Powell, Cheri Taylor, Brad Wilson, and Scott White.


Respectfully submitted

Carlyn Pheil, Convener