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By: Sharon Carleton -Boone

The Chancel Choir will sing at our 5:30 Candlelight Celtic Evening Worship with Eucharist on May 21. Anthems to be sung are “To You Before the Close of Day" by Aaron David Miller, "My Shepherd Will Supply My Need,” including harp, flute and oboe, “Put Your Trust in God" by Jack Warren Burnam, and “Christ As a Light by Margaret Rizza.” James Taulbee will provide organ accompaniment.

Chancel Choir Members include: Soprano: Annabelle Chambers, Beverly Congdon, Custis Covington, Erwin Gunnels, Joyce Guyer, Cassia Imholz, Pamela Miller, Byron Ellen Shaw, Leslie Welker, Becky Work; Alto: Claudia Caveney, Nana Hosmer Griffin, Carol MacRae, Frances Smyth, Dena Whalen, Debbie Williams, Connie Wilson, Rita Winters; Tenor: Andrew Davis, Robert Thorpe, Bass: Steve Bennett, Dean Caveney, Rusty Saylor, Bill Smyth, Fred Speier, James Taulbee, Ken Wilson, David Woodard.

Come enjoy the beauty of this quiet, peaceful service!

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