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"HOLY MOSES", VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL WAS A SUCCESS! Held June 26-29, 2023, with participants from Trinity and St. Mary's fun was had by all as Beth Chestnut and a superb team of

youth and adult volunteers thoughtfully led the children through key moments in the life of Moses.

Day one started with Moses’ dramatic rescue as a baby. Day two continued with the Exodus; Moses leading the people of God through the water to freedom. Day three we learned about the gift of the Ten Best Ways to Live from Mt. Sinai. And finally, on day four, we were all treated to a water play day, complete with a street closure and inflatable water slide. All of our activities: science, crafts, yoga, snacks, music, and movement were tied in with these three pivotal stories about Moses. We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Mrs. Chestnut, each of the 30 youth and adult volunteers, and the nearly 40 children that made this year’s wonderful VBS possible! To see a selection of photos from the week, please visit our Facebook page:

Please look out for the next installment of Stories that Matter to read about the community service that the group of rising sixth graders participated in as part of VBS.

Do you have something wonderful to share? An interesting story? Celebrating a momentous occasion? Please reach out to Nanette by email: to be featured in your own edition of Stories that Matter.


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