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“Lenten Path” is now underway in many youth and children’s homes. This concept was devised by Beth Chestnut (Children’s Formation) and Debbie Cox (Youth Formation) as a way for their kids to participate in Lent.

For weeks they gathered all of the pieces. They involved women in the church to cut out the burlap ‘paths.” They ordered rocks, yes rocks, which were delivered in a box none of us could lift. They prepared the instruction documents and weekly table cards for printing, and found the many other pieces to create a ready to use resource for families. And to not forget Shrove Tuesday, everyone received a bag of pancake mix; sorry, no bacon.

Families came by Trinity on February 7 to pick up their Lent in a bag.

Return to this post as Lent continues to view photos shared by families as they go down the path to Lent.


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