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Ben Haden, son of Robert Haden has been awarded The Fellowship for Congregational Leadership & Service for two months at All Saints Episcopal Church in downtown Atlanta.

Juniors are nominated by faculty, staff, and area clergy. Nominees may or may not be considering a religious occupation (as a clergy person or professional lay leader), but community members perceive them as having gifts for such service.

  • Duration: 8 weeks

  • Provisions: Living Expenses for the summer, plus funds for vocational exploration during senior year.

  • Requirements: Preach at least once, direct community service, other church life experiences through staff

  • Meets with Rob Spach, Head Davidson Chaplain to find church in the United States that fits their interest

  • Meets regularly over the summer with Head Davidson Chaplain about experience, and continues the conversation into the Fall Semester to discern what might be after graduate.

Fujita Arts Grant through Davidson's Dean Rusk International Studies Program & THU IC Fulbright Summer Mini Semester Program — Taiwan (6-weeks) Tunghai University — International College. Music and religion and experiential learning at Buddhist monasteries around the country.


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