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Episcopal House XIV

Habitat for Humanity
summer 2012

Episcopal House XIV

Joy News!

Glenn Childes to Own the Next
Habitat For Humanity
Episcopal House


We are thrilled to announce that our own Glenn Childes has been approved for homeownership through Habitat for Humanity and that the next Episcopal House (XIV) will be Glenn’s home! Construction is to start in mid-August. This 2-bedroom townhome will be built in Habitat’s newest neighborhood, New Heights, in West Asheville.


By August, we are hopeful to have volunteer groups back on the jobsite (if vaccination rates are up and Covid rates are down.) Let us rejoice and get ourselves ready to sign up to make this Episcopal Build the most sacred of all. We will begin signing up volunteers in mid to late summer.

Glenn and Josiah - 1b.jpg

Call for Volunteers!


Work on Episcopal House XIV begins August 17.

When you sign up, please also pick up a sheet of  directions to the site, workday schedule, what to bring,  etc. and also a Volunteer Waiver form to be filled out and brought with you the day you volunteer. We will send a  reminder postcard the week before your workday. 


We can promise you will feel tired at the end of a Habitat  workday but so pleased and fulfilled for having  participated in the creation of a beautiful, new, affordable  Habitat home for Glenn and Josiah.  Mary Bruce Woody (274-0530) or Fred Fairhead (615-337-3976), Trinity EH XIV Liasons.

Trinity is hoping to provide twelve volunteers a week for  the ten weeks we will be working on the house (120 people) so if you have not already done so, please sign up. The board is in the hallway leading to Tuton Hall. This  town home will be for our own, Glenn Childes and his son Josiah. Glenn is well on his way with his required 200  hours of Sweat Equity and is so excited about his new  neighborhood and soon to be home at 11 New Heights  Drive.  

The days to choose from to volunteer are Tuesdays,  Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 8 a.m.- 2 p,m. and Fridays from 8 a.m.- noon. Being a two story  town home, the build is more difficult than the usual  Habitat one story home. Please go ahead and sign up for a day that suits your calendar and if you get to the site and the job that day is too strenuous for you, we have  agreed to work on any other house being built that may be further along and the workload lighter (i.e. painting, staining trim, etc.) The goal, after all, is to help create a  wonderfully diverse Habitat neighborhood of 98 homes  eventually. 

once construction begins, you can check back here to sign up to help build glenn's episcopal house
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