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Christian Formation

Conversations on baptismal living and discipleship.


One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism: Conversations on the Baptismal Covenant 

Join our rector the Rev. Dr. R. Scott White and our associate the Rev. David Henson as they kick-off our new series exploring the baptismal covenant.


One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism: Striving for Justice, Peace, and Dignity

Join the Rev. Dn. Tim Ervolina and the Rev. David Henson as they discuss one of the baptismal covenant promises: Will you strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being?


One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism: Continuing in the Apostles Teaching & Breaking of the Bread

For our third part of our series on the Baptismal Covenant, the Rev. David Henson talks with the Rev. Dena Whalen, vicar of the Church of the Advocate about what it means to continue in the Apostles' teaching, the breaking of the bread, and the prayers, and what difference it can make in our lives.


One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism: Loving Neighbors with Debbie Cox

Join the Rev. David Henson and Trinity Youth Director Debbie Cox in their conversation about the Baptismal covenant promise to seek and serve Christ in all people and to love your neighbor as yourself.


One Faith, One Lord, One Baptism: Proclaiming Good News with Beth Chestnut

In the penultimate edition of our baptism series, join our associate David in conversation with our Director of Children and Family Ministries Beth Chesnut as they discuss proclaiming in word and deed the Good News of God in Christ.


One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism: Resisting Evil

Join the Rev. David Henson as he discusses the baptismal covenant promise to persevere in resisting evil and repenting and returning to the Lord any time we fall into sin.


Coffee Conversations with The Rev. Oscar Rozo

Join the Rev. Dr. R. Scott White in conversation with the Rev. Oscar Rozo, new diocesan missioner for Latino/Hispanic Ministries.


Coffee Conversations: Interpreting the Needs, Hopes & Concerns of the World w/ the Rev. Tim Ervolina

Join our associate rector David for a Coffee Conversation with the Rev. Tim Ervolina about what it means to be a deacon and how the diaconate has been restored and renewed in the Episcopal Church. What does this sacred order of ministry teach us about our place in the world as baptized Christians?


Broken Crowns: Overruling God & Demanding a King 

Adventure. Betrayal. Scandal. Violence. Assassination. Houses competing for the Crown. No, this is not a certain well-known fantasy epic. Nor is it a nighttime soap opera. It’s the story of David, the shepherd boy who rose to be king, fell low, rose again, and fell again. Viewer discretion is advised! Throughout we’ll marvel at the triumphs and tragedies of the House of David, look for God and for grace, meaning, and learnings amid the dysfunctional mess of these royal families.


Broken Crowns: The Friendship of David and Jonathan

The Rev. David Henson and the Rev. Dena Whalen reflect on the deep soul friendship of David and Jonathan, considering the insights and spiritual of what it means for a 'soul to be bound' to another in friendship.


Broken Crowns: Rethinking David and Goliath

The Rev. Dr. R. Scott White and the Rev. David Henson revisit the beloved story of David and Goliath and not everything is as it once seemed when we were told this story in Sunday School. But things get even dicier when King Saul sours on David after the young champion's success gains him the people's devotion.


Broken Crowns: The Real Story of David and Bathsheba

The Rev. Dena Whalen and the Rev. David Henson take an unvarnished look at the story of Bathsheba.

Content Warning: Discussion of sexual violence


Broken Crowns: Witches, Ghosts, War and the Death of Saul

The Rev. David Henson and the Rev. Dr. R. Scott White discuss the final days of King Saul and the rise of David to be king over Israel and Judah.

Content Warning: Violence


Broken Crowns: The Precipitous Fall of King David

After years and years of rising to power, King David, finally at his full zenith, commits a terrible sin that leads to the quick unraveling of his life, a downfall that leaves a trail of sorrow and suffering not just in his own life but in his children's lives as well.


Broken Crowns: The Death of David and Triumph of Bathsheba

We finish our Adult Forum series with David's waning days, his death, and his successor.

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