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Building and Grounds Committee


The Building & Grounds Committee met several times this year to review the needs of our physical campus in order to make recommendations to the Rector and Vestry on solutions to our campus needs. My position as Convener has been offered out, to no avail, several times, but I do continue to serve as the leader of this group. During this past year, several items were achieved, while several others are yet undone, especially the roof and gutters. Over the past year, some new members have been added, and it is my hope to grow this committee to allow others the chance to serve in our ministry. I would like to reinstate a Garden Guild (formerly well-managed by Marty Boone) where parishioner groups can sign up for a section of the campus gardens to maintain. Also, my self-employment leaves little time to devote to the needs of procuring contractors, so I’ve tried to delegate most of the project to members of the committee. They have backed me up well, and some items have been taken off the to-do list.

Some projects that have happened under my recent tenure include: 


  • A new roof atop the center hallway section by McClung Roofing ,overseen by Dave Hensley, plus repair to flat roof membranes under warranty overseen by Brad Wilson

  • Tree work around the Parking Lot and along Lexington Avenue by Bartlett Tree Service, originally scheduled by Paul Dismukes

  • Cracked Sidewalk Replacement along Aston Street, Asheville City Repair requested by Patrick O’Toole and Adrian Vassallo, no cost to Trinity

  • Two Garden Workdays with the Garden Guild, Led by Marty Boone

  • Porch Light Fixture Renovation by Patrick O’Toole

  • Bids for Kitchen Water Heater Replacement (being refined), acquired by David Johnston

  • Contracted a Dead Tree Removal at Trinity Place with Newcomb Tree Service overseen by Patrick O’Toole

  • Discussion of Lighting Renovations, Dog Waste Bag Stands, Playground Renovation, and other campus concerns as a sounding board to plan for projects proposed by Rev Dr Scott White

  • Aeration and Reseeding of Lawn Areas, Tree Pruning and Garden Maintenance

  • Undercroft Kitchen Door Repair underway with Jay Hallinan

  • Hallway Wall Repair outside the Sacristy to be scheduled by Rich Boulter

New members have been added to the committee. Some veterans have chosen to work with other committees. I want to thank all for offering their time and talents to our group and ultimately for our church.

We have a number of other items to address, including post-roof-leak renovations to the Working Sacristy and Climate Control in the Office wing. Anyone is welcome to join us in helping to preserve Trinity’s Campus and plan for the future. We usually meet on the first Wednesday of each month, when there are new matters to discuss. For answers to questions, or Trinity campus concerns that ought to be considered, please contact Art Garst by email at


Submitted by

Art Garst

Art Guild


This past year our Trinity worship came back in person and online. I decided to sell what the Art Guild had on hand during Advent. We had a $5.00 sale and made over $500. The money from the Art Guild helps our children and youth to go to Camp Henry at Lake Logan. We will have some new items this year, which we will sell this Advent season. 


Submitted by 

Debbie Cox

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