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A Message from the Associate Rector

The Rev. Amy Peterson


With gratitude and great joy, I joined Trinity as associate rector on July 13, 2022 and began working hand-in-hand with Scott in worship, teaching, pastoral care, and preaching. I’ve also been delighted to get to know many parishioners through a series of welcome receptions in various neighborhoods, and through one-on-one conversations, hospital visits, etc.

Right away, I was pleased to connect our Becoming Beloved Community book club with the Glen Workshop and Image journal to partner in hosting “Reading Black Books,” a one-night event with writers Crystal Wilkinson and Claude Atcho. I look forward to cultivating that relationship for future partnership.

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I’ve also begun cultivating relationships with other downtown clergy in hopes that we can partner for the good of the community. One formal way in which this is happening is through the Church Street Collaborative, where I’ve been welcomed into ongoing conversations about issues related to homelessless.


Fall programming is full and rich. Every week I meet with the Women’s Bible study to pray and discuss the upcoming lectionary texts. On Sunday mornings I lead the Parents in Conversation adult formation hour, and attendance has been at capacity in the Clark Room for our discussion of the first chapters of Genesis. Other regular events include the Becoming Beloved Community book study, and the Contemplative Prayer and study group, both of which meet in person as well as online. 


Debbie Cox and Beth Chestnut and I meet on a regular basis to plan for upcoming events for families and youth, and to discuss how to best meet the needs of our growing church family.


Connection with the larger diocese is also part of my role here; as Trinity prepares to host the diocesan convention, I’ve collaborated in planning the worship for the weekend. I’ve also participated in Fresh Start. And I’m partnering with Kelsey Davis in outreach at UNCA, in hopes of supporting her work and drawing more young people to Trinity.


Trinity’s life is full and also growing; I look forward to dipping into even more of the ministries that are active here in the coming months.


Respectfully submitted, 

Amy +

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