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Senior Warden's Report


Last week the school where I work held a remote gathering for all students, between the sing along and the dance party, students discussed the meaning of “community.” Our kindergarteners defined the word as, “a group of people who help each other.” This is Trinity Church to me.


I recall a Vestry meeting seven months ago when the decision was made to close the doors of Trinity Church and move to remote services. I think we all wondered how we would stay a church without the physical structure? Without the ability to gather together in worship. But I quickly realized that Trinity is much more than a building—as beautiful and important as that church structure is. We are a group of people who celebrate each other in the good times, and support each other in the not so good times. We are a group who can still gather together in worship, prayer, and study, no matter where each of us may physically reside. Trinity is a community. 

The strength and energy of Trinity has been especially visible over these past seven months. Our Outreach committee continues to do amazing work supporting our local non-profits, allowing them to continue to help our neighbors in need. Our Youth Ministry continues to work with our teens to make an impact in so many ways. The newly created Flower Delivery Ministry is sharing the beauty and talents of our Flower Guild with members of the parish. Our investment and finance teams continue to work hard to keep the parish financially healthy and secure. Our Pastoral Care committee is still hard at work with phone calls and notes to members and their families. 


This has been a challenging year for all of us, but we are blessed to have the leadership of our clergy, lay leaders, and staff. Personally, I would like to thank Scott, David, and the rest of the staff of Trinity who have been truly amazing with their flexibility and creativity ensuring we are all able to stay connected and feel a part of this wonderful parish. I am also indebted to our Vestry, especially junior warden Fred Fairhead, for their guidance and hard work—not only during these last seven months, but during the three years I’ve served on the Vestry. I am honored to have worked with these fine people.


Trinity Asheville is a vibrant, welcoming, spiritual group of people who help each other. We have been for over 170 years and will be for another. 


Trinity is a community.

Susan Haldane, Senior Warden

Delegates to Convention


Elizabeth Boulter
Ralph Simpson
Dave Hensley (alternate)
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Dave Hensley

Anne Imes

Spencer Atwater (alternate)
Mark Whitney (alternate)

Class of 2020

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Fred Fairhead

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Susan Haldane

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