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Senior Warden's Report

Senior Warden Report

given by

Leslie Welker at the

Annual Meeting

October 23, 2022



As my three years with the Vestry draw to a close in December, I think back on all I have learned about the inner workings of Trinity Church. Let me tell you…a lot goes into it! From upkeep, to staffing, to finances, to worship, and everything in between, it is an awesome and rewarding responsibility. This year has certainly seen its share of challenges as well as rewards. We are finally achieving a modicum of normalcy, and life within the church is feeling much as it did before the pandemic hit. While, as a church, we are ever vigilant concerning our health, we appear to be back on track. I must say that it is simply wonderful to see our pews filling up again!  We also continue to have live-streaming for those not able to be with us in person, and that has proven to be very successful. So, we welcome you, whether you are physically here or if you are watching at home in your pajamas!

Your Vestry has been focusing on three major areas this year. The first is Addressing Spiritual Need through Communication. Our plan is to foster a greater sense of community among identified age groups through communication and engagement. We feel that after a long period of Covid isolation there might be a feeling of disconnect, not to mention loneliness! Trekking in the 828 and Parents in Conversation have been two activities that have been very beneficial, but we are in the process of implementing more offerings or continuing with existing special interest groups.


The second focus is on Outreach. We would like to consider a mission committee as part of the existing outreach leadership. Its purpose will be to offer support to the Appalachian Regional Ministry, centralize other existing mission ministries, and provide direction to develop more opportunities.


Our third focus is Keeping Our Community Safe and Vibrant for All. We are assessing security at Trinity and will gather thoughts and ideas for maintaining a secure and welcoming environment.


Trinity Church also continues our commitment to making a difference not only in our church community but also the community at large. This year our parish has supported Lake Logan, Western Carolina Rescue Ministries, Homeward Bound, Episcopal Relief and Development, Open Door, and many other worthy charities. We have also  provided scholarships to campers for Camp Henry. Lastly, our Outreach Committee has continued their amazing work through grants, leg work, and financial support to various ministries including Church of the Advocate, Appalachian Regional Ministry, ABCCM, and Rise Against Hunger.

I would be remiss not to mention all of the building and grounds projects that the Vestry tackled this year. As you know, this beautiful building is old and requires significant upkeep. The carillon has been replaced as the other system was old and had stopped working. A security system was installed at Trinity Place. The sound system was improved upon in Tuton Hall. A safer and more inviting entrance was completed for the building’s office access.


Without a doubt, the highlight of Scott’s year was when our new associate rector, Amy Peterson, arrived on the doorstep! He lost no time in putting her to work. The good news is that she hasn’t been scared off yet! We are so happy to have Amy here. She brings fresh leadership ideas, outstanding sermons, and a calm and friendly demeanor. 


In closing, I must thank the staff at Trinity, for they are absolutely amazing! Their organization and camaraderie are something to behold. We are fortunate to have every one of them on our team. As for my brothers and sisters on the Vestry, I cannot imagine working with a more caring group of individuals. The love they have for Trinity shows through thoughtful discussions and decisions. It has been a pleasure working with them. Finally, I must give Scott my utmost respect. He has been a rock through some extremely tough times throughout the pandemic, and his leadership and love for this church has been unwavering. It has been a privilege to work with him. I am beyond honored to have served as your senior warden this year, and, with God’s guidance, I see a bright future for the church we all love. Thank you. 


Respectfully submitted,

Leslie Welker, Senior Warden

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