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Debbie Cox

Director of Youth Ministries


Every Sunday, Trinity’s youth rooms were open from 9:30 - 10:30 am as a safe space for youth to process their week and how it intersects with their faith.  Students also engaged in the story of their faith in Holy Scripture, explored the liturgy and prayer book, and built relations with adults of faith.


Youth Education, Grades 6-12


Every Sunday Trinity’s youth rooms were open from 9:30 - 10:30 am as a safe space for youth to process their week and how it intersects with their faith.  Students also engage the story of our faith in Holy Scripture, explore the liturgy and prayer book, and build relationships with adults of faith.


Adults who help with youth: Debbie Cox, John Hall, Amy PeteronMcDowell, and David Hensley

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Youth Sunday


Youth Sunday was Sunday, May 8 and 3 seniors, Ginger Hanlon, Lizzy Ray, and Samuel White, gave the homily virtually and in person. Luke and Sandford  read the reading Prayers of the People.  This year, we recognized 22 high school seniors and 9college students in the service and on our website.


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Scott White and I had a Confirmation Weekend in March at Lake Logan. Confirmation Sunday was Sunday,  April 24, 2022. We had 8 confirmands confirmed: Boyd Best, Forrest Harvey, Charlie Haden, Conner Johnston, Mary Anderson, Matthew Ragaller, McKenzie Quarrier, and Elsa Thomas

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This past summer, we went to San Jose, Costa Rica. We had 12 youth and 2 adults go July 25-30. We painted the Church of the Ascension, immersed in the culture, and reflected on “The Sermon on the Mount”. Here is our trip overview: CLICK HERE for more pictures and to read about our trip. 

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Sixes on Sundays


Sixes on Sundays is back in person and back to its traditional FOOD, FUN, FAITH (All-in-one) format. We know that the year can be busy, and attendance every Sunday morning can be almost impossible for many of our families. So we are offering six core gatherings, and we were hoping they could make these six Sundays a priority as we build our community and our faith together. These six Sundays, each starting at 6 pm, will combine food (dinner together), fun (games), and faith (each Sunday will focus on one core aspect of our faith as Episcopalians and how it relates to students). We have had two Sixes on Sunday, which have been well attended. 

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Vacation Bible School
The Golden Boxes

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This past June was our annual Vacation Bible School at Trinity, along with St. James Black Mountain and St. Mary’s held a Godly Play oriented VBS with The Golden Boxes  as the theme!  It went amazingly well!  We had 40 children attend and 15 youth volunteered.

Saint O'Lantern Walk


Last fall we had the 2nd Saint O’Lantern Walk. Families of children and youth chose a saint, gathered information on that saint, and presented it in costume, along with a pumpkin carved with the saint’s symbol in our new courtyard. We has 20 families that were involved in this presentation to our parishioners as they walked through”. This year we offered a complimentary chili and cornbread dinner.


Keeping Lent in Home
Journey with Prayer Flags

For this Lent, we looked at 5 different types of prayer: confession, petition, intercession, thanksgiving, and praise. We focused on one type of prayer each week in Lent. 


Advent Transformation &
Advent Wreathmaking Event

We are combining the best of both worlds with an in-person gathering to  make the wreath, as well as boxes sent home for those unable to attend.  Also, we sent a Reverse Advent calendar-this past year with our donations focusing on Transformation Village.

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Debbie Cox

Director, Youth Ministry

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