Children First: Holiday Giving 2020

Again, this year, Trinity has the opportunity to support Children First/Communities in School by sponsoring a child at Christmas. Our Christmas tree will be virtual (online) this year. It will be "filled" with the Christmas wishes of children just as the tree in the Tuton hallway has been in the past!


Instead of taking an ornament from the tree, you will select a child to support from the list below.  The list contains the child's name, age, sizes, gift suggestions, and their favorite color. Once you select a child, complete the form below.  

Note that if a child has already been selected, that child's information will be grayed out and their name removed from the drop-down on the form.


1. Shop for something the child wants, and some of the clothing they need. 
2. No wrapping - if you would like to donate wrapping paper and/or gift bags for the 
    parents to use, that would be great, but not required. 
3. Return to Trinity in a bag by Dec 11 with a label to assure we know who the gifts are 
4. Email or call if you have questions. Liz Trask    828-230-3442


Return the gifts, unwrapped, to the church by Friday, December 11th.

Thank you so much for sponsoring these children at Christmas! Please contact Liz Trask at 828-230-3442 if you have questions.

thank you!

all children have been "adopted"


Kenneth-Boy-Age 11-Favorite Color red F#18

Shirt:  Juniors XXL

Pant: Juniors XXL

Coat:  Adult small

Shoes:  Adult 8

Likes: Nintendo Themed Games, handheld games, socks, boxers

Ian-Boy- Age 8-Favorite Color blue, green F#15

Shirt:  Juniors 12

Pant: Juniors 12

Coat:  Juniors medium

Shoes:  Juniors 2

Likes:   skateboard, bicycle

Royce- Boy- Age 10- red, Favorite Color black-F #16

Shirt:  Child 9/10

Pant: Child 9/10

Coat:  Child 9/10

Shoes:  Child 1

Likes: Skateboard, Goku  

Jariel  Boy-Age 10-Favorite Color Blue -F#12 

Shirt: Child 10

Pant: Child 10 (Joggers)

Coat: 10 

Shoes:  Child 3

Likes:  Smart watch, Legos, Beyblades


Dyland- Boy-Age 9-Favorite Color Red-F#12

Shirt:Child 10  

Pant: Child 10

Coat:  Child 10

Shoes:  Child 3

Likes:  Smart watch, Legos, Beyblades 


Greyci-Girl -Age 6-Favorite Color Pink, purple-F#12

Shirt: Child 6 

Pant: Child 6

Coat:  Child 6

Shoes:  Child 12

Likes: Smart watch, Minnie Mouse, Lego, Jono Siwa  


Dayana-Girl-Age 9-Favorite Color Pink-F#12

Shirt: Child 9 

Pant: Child 9

Coat: Child 9 

Shoes: Child 3 

Likes:   Barbie, LOL Doll


Alberto- Boy-Age 7-Favorite Color Blue-F#12

Shirt:  Child 7

Pant: Child 7

Coat:  Child 7

Shoes:  Child 1

Likes:  Cars, Legos 


Adriel- Boy- 1 month-Favorite Color Blue- F#12

Shirt: Toddler/Baby 3 months 

Pant: Toddler/Baby 3 months

Coat:  Toddler/Baby 3 months

Shoes: Toddler/Baby 3 months 

Likes: Toys, clothes  


Angel- Girl- Age 16-Favorite Color Black-F#12

Shirt:  Adult small

Pant: Adult 3

Coat:  Adult medium

Shoes:  Adult 6.5

Likes:  Paints, watch, rings


Adrian- Boy- Age 6-Favorite Color Blue  F#12

Shirt: Child  7 

Pant: Child 7

Coat:  Child 7

Shoes: Child 1 

Likes:  Smart watch, cars 


Adrian-Boy-Age 14- Favorite Color Black, red F#15

Shirt:  Adult Large

Pant: Adult 34/32

Coat:  Adult Large

Shoes: Adult 9.5 

Likes:   Guitar


Heidy- Girl- Age 10- Favorite Color purple, pink F#15

Shirt:  Adult Medium

Pant: Juniors 16

Coat:  Adult medium

Shoes:  Adult 8.5

Likes: Skateboard, skates  


Karen- Girl-Age 16-pink, Favorite Color white F#15

Shirt:  Juniors small

Pant: Juniors 1/2

Coat:  Juniors small

Shoes:  Juniors 7.5

Likes:   Skates


Daniel- Boy- Age 16-black, Favorite Color white F#16

Shirt:  Adult medium

Pant: Adult 32/32

Coat:  Adult medium

Shoes:  Adult 10

Likes:  Skateboard, Goku 


Juliet- Girl- Age 6- Favorite Color pink, sparkle F#16

Shirt:  Child 9/10

Pant: Child 10/11

Coat: Child 9/10 

Shoes:  Child 2

Likes: Rabbits, Dogs, Horses, Clothes  


Yeremey-Boy-Age 12-Favorite Color blue  F#18

Shirt:  Adult small

Pant: Adult 32/34

Coat:  Adult medium

Shoes:  Adult 11

Likes:  Nintendo Themed Games, Handheld Games, socks, boxers 


Bridgette-Girl-Age 6-Favorite Color pink  F#18

Shirt: Child 8 

Pant: Child 8

Coat: Child 8 

Shoes: Child 12 

Likes: Nintendo Themed games, handheld games, socks, dolls  


Isaac-Boy-Age 6-Favorite Colors blue, red, black F#22

Shirt:  Child 6

Pant: Child 7

Coat: Child 7 

Shoes:  Child 11

Likes:   Motorized bicycle, remote control car


Aida-Girl- Age 12-Favorite Colors purple, pink, black  F#22

Shirt:  Juniors medium

Pant: Juniors medium

Coat: Juniors medium 

Shoes:  Adult 4

Likes:   Purses, Fashion Backpack


Jeydy- Girl- Age 4- Favorite Colors pink, purple  F#22

Shirt:  Child 7

Pant: Child 7

Coat: Child 7 

Shoes: Child 7 

Likes:  Bike and a helmet 


Escarlet- Girl- Age 9-Favorite Color blue  F#24

Shirt:  Adult medium

Pant: Adult medium (9)

Coat: Adult medium 

Shoes:  Adult 6.5

Likes:   Tablet, art supplies


Yarelin- Girl- Age 7-Favorite Color purple  F#24

Shirt:  Juniors small

Pant: Juniors 14

Coat: Juniors small 

Shoes:  Child 1

Likes:  Tablet, craft/art supplies 


Melanie- Girl- Age 1 -Favorite Color pink F#24

Shirt:  Toddler/Baby 12 months

Pant: Toddler/Baby 12 months

Coat:  Toddler/ Baby 12 months

Shoes:  Toddler/Baby 12 months

Likes:  Tablet, baby dolls (w/ no hair LatinX)


Alondra- Girl- Age 8- Favorite Color blue  F#27

Shirt:  Juniors 14/16

Pant: Juniors 14/16

Coat:  Juniors 14/16

Shoes:  Juniors 3

Likes: Tablet, Shopkins  

Renata- Girl-Age 1-Favorite Color purple-F#27

Shirt:  Toddler/Baby 24 months 

Pant: Toddler/Baby 24 months

Coat:  Toddler/Baby 24 months

Shoes:  Toddler/Baby 24 months

Likes:  toy camera, baby shark 


Elea- Girl- Age 7- Favorite Color pink F#27

Shirt:  Child 10/12

Pant: Child 10/12

Coat:  Child 10/12

Shoes:  Child 2

Likes:   Tablet, Poopsies (Unicorn toy)


Paola-Girl- Age 2- Favorite Color green- F#27

Shirt:  Toddler/Baby 6T

Pant: Toddler/Baby 6T

Coat:  Toddler/Baby 6T

Shoes:  Toddler/Baby 9

Likes:   Bike, Frozen, Disney princesses


Amy -Girl- Age 6-Favorite Color pink- F#36

Shirt:  Child 7/8

Pant: Child 7/8

Coat:  Child 7/8

Shoes:  Child 12/13 (boots)

Likes:  LOL Dolls, markers, dolls 


Jaecy- Girl- Age 4-Favorite Colors white, grey  F#36

Shirt:  Child 5

Pant: Child 5

Coat:  Child 5

Shoes: Child 8/9 

Likes:  LOL dolls, water toys, boots 


Riley- Girl- Age 11-Favorite Color red- F#37

Shirt:  Juniors Medium

Pant: Juniors 8

Coat:  Juniors medium

Shoes: Adult 4/5 

Likes:   Face Wash, nail polish, accessories


Jade- Girl- Age 14-Favorite Color yellow-F#37

Shirt:  Adult large

Pant: Adult 11

Coat: Adult large  

Shoes:  Adult 9

Likes: Blanket, Large hoodie   


Sunni -Girl- Age15-Favorite Color red   F#37

Shirt:  Adult medium

Pant: Adult 0/1

Coat:  Adult medium

Shoes:  Adult 7.5/8

Likes:  Make up, cooking stuff 


Walter- Boy-Age12 -Favorite Color green F#37

Shirt:  Juniors medium

Pant: Juniors 9/10

Coat:  Juniors medium

Shoes:  Adult 5

Likes:  Monster Dungeons &Dragons book 


George- Boy-Age 16-Favorite Color red-F#37

Shirt:  Adult medium

Pant: Adult 32/34

Coat:  Adult large

Shoes:  Adult 11

Likes:  Sketch book, art supplies


Karolina- Girl-Age 9-Favorite Color Blue-F#38

Shirt: Child 14 

Pant: Child 14

Coat:  Child 14

Shoes:  Child 3

Likes:   Cat in the Hat, Legos, Disney, "Frozen"


David - Boy - Age 2 - Favorite Color Green - F#38

Shirt:  Child 3

Pant: Child 3

Coat:  Child 3

Shoes:  Child 9

Likes: Toy Story trike, Horses, Animals, Building Blocks  


Giuliana - Girl - Age 1 - Favorite Color Pink - F#38

Shirt:  Toddler/Baby 3

Pant: Toddler/Baby 3

Coat:  Toddler/Baby 3

Shoes:  Toddler/Baby 3

Likes:   Dolls, Blocks, Stuffed animals


Malachi - Boy - Age 12 - Favorite Color Blue - F#52

Shirt:  Juniors 12/14

Pant: Juniors 12/14

Coat:  Juniors 12/14

Shoes: Juniors 7

Likes:   Pokemon, Legos


Ava - Girl - Age 10 - Favorite Color Pink - F#52

Shirt:  Juniors 14

Pant: Juniors 14

Coat:  Juniors 14

Shoes:  Juniors 7

Likes:   Stuffed animals, Art supplies, Purses


Peyton - Girl - Age 9 - Favorite Color Purple - F#52

Shirt:  Juniors 10/12

Pant: Juniors 10/12

Coat:  Juniors 10/12

Shoes:  Juniors 6

Likes:   "My Little Pony", Art supplies, purses


Axel - Boy - Age 5 - Favorite Color Blue - F#52

Shirt:  Child 5/6

Pant: Child 5/6

Coat:  Child 5/6

Shoes:  Child 12

Likes:   Cars, Action figures, Animals


Jace - Boy - Age 4 - Favorite Color Red - F#52

Shirt:  Child 4/5

Pant:  Child 4/5

Coat:   Child 4/5

Shoes:   Child 7

Likes: Cars, Action figures, Animals, Blocks


Hayden - Boy - Age 11 - Favorite Color Red - F#57

Shirt:  Juniors LG

Pant: Child 18 (sweats)

Coat:  Juniors LG

Shoes:  Adult 6

Likes:   Nerf gun, Mario


Kyle - Boy - Age 13 - Favorite Color Red - F#57

Shirt:  Adult XL

Pant: Juniors 36/30

Coat:  Adult XL

Shoes:  Adult 10

Likes:   Dragon Ball Z


Eric - Boy - Age 15 - Favorite Color Blue - F#57

Shirt:  Adult XL

Pant: Juniors 36/30

Coat:  Adult XL

Shoes:  Adult 8

Likes:   Dragon Ball Z


Aliyah - Girl - Age 16 -Favorite Color  Black - F#57

Shirt:  Juniors LG

Pant: Juniors 7

Coat:  Juniors LG

Shoes:  Adult 8.5

Likes:   Art supplies, Animal stuff, Curling iron


Aubrianna - Girl-Age 16 - Favorite Color Black - F#57

Shirt:  Juniors LG

Pant: Juniors 9

Coat:  Juniors LG

Shoes:  Adult 8.5

Likes:   Make-up, Hair straightener


Alize - Girl -Age 4 - Favorite Color Purple - F#57

Shirt:  Toddler/Baby 6

Pant: Toddler/Baby 6

Coat:  Toddler/Baby 7

Shoes:  Toddler/Baby 11

Likes:   Dolls, Blocks, Bike, Books


Scott - Boy - Age 7 - Favorite Color Red- F#78

Shirt:  Juniors MED

Pant: Juniors 12

Coat:  Juniors MED (12)

Shoes:  Juniors 6.5

Likes:   Remote-control car, Socks, Underwear, Nintendo switch games