A Word from the Rector on Reopening

Monday, February 22, 2021

Dear Trinity Friends,


In the name of Jesus, we greet you. We pray this note finds you and your loved ones well and safe. 

We write to share an update on our life at Trinity and our plans for the immediate future. It is with great joy that we share our Vestry's unanimous decision to "reopen" Trinity for public worship on Sunday, May 2, of course, barring any unforeseen circumstances. 


You will recall that we returned to online worship only last fall after a brief period of onsite worship as Coronavirus cases surged in our state and county. We are currently restricted (by our Diocese) to online worship only. We now know that by May 2 we will be allowed some level of public worship. Restrictions of some type will still be in place on May 2. Yet, we will abide by all limitations and re-open. 


Of course, this means we will experience another distanced Holy Week and Easter. It is deeply disappointing to us all. We have imagined every possible way for us to gather on Easter, few options are available, and none provide the experience we desire. In regular times we see over 1100 people pass through the doors of Trinity on Easter. No scenario will accommodate us with the distancing requirements that will still be in place on

April 4. 


So now, we place our focus and our joy on re-opening for public worship on Sunday,

May 2. We imagine that by then many more individuals will have received vaccinations which will increase the overall comfort and safety of our gathering. Though there will still be limitations on the number of people allowed to gather at one time, and a requirement of masks and distancing, we look forward to May 2 as the beginning of our journey back to full presence. 


Rest assured, we will continue to live-stream our 10:45a and 5:30p services on Sunday, including a glorious service on Easter and, once return to public worship, our live-streaming will continue. 


Soon we will be in touch with you to provide more details about participating on May 2 and beyond. We will also let you know our needs for participation by our Ministers of the Service. 


We pray you have a blessed Lent and, with you, we look forward to our joyful return. 


On behalf of the Vestry:


Brad Wilson, Sr. Warden

Binford Jennings, Jr. Warden

Scott White, Rector 

Brad Wilson

Senior Warden

Binford Jennings


Scott White


Trinity episcopal church

60 Church Street

Asheville, NC 28801



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