Dear Trinity Members and Friends,


As we look toward our reopening on May 2, we invite you to consider how you may participate in our life together. 


It has been over a year since we have had a regular rhythm of worship, formation, and fellowship inside our church building, and much has taken place during that time. In ordinary times nearly 100 volunteers are responsible for our Sunday worship and formation life. 


As you might imagine, the ground has shifted. For a variety of reasons, some regular volunteers are no longer able to resume their roles. So, we invite you to consider how you might participate in our life at Trinity in the coming months and beyond. 


Please pray about how you might be called to participate and simply reply to this email with your interest. The positions below are listed in order of greatest need. 


Master of Ceremonies—this is a new position to assist with our 10:45 service. The Master of Ceremonies is responsible for overseeing the organization of our 10:45 service before it begins. The MOC arrives early, checks in ministers of the service to be sure all are present before the service starts, arranges replacements in case of last-minute changes, assures readings/prayers, etc., are correct, and communicates with the clergy before the service begins. 


Worship Greeters—until COVID is past, we need assistance with welcoming worshippers to assist with temperature taking, handing out masks, encouraging hand sanitation, and more. We welcome volunteers for our 8:00, 10:45, and 5:30 services. 


Office Volunteer—individuals assist with answering phones, welcoming visitors who come to the office, preparing mailings, and more. It is possible to create your own schedule of helping, including days and times. We are in deep need of volunteers for this position. Of course, at this point, it is most appropriate for those who have already been fully vaccinated against COVID as you will be welcoming visitors to the church.


Livestream Chat Monitor—we will be continuing to Livestream our 10:45a and 5:30p services. We need assistance with monitoring the chat during these services so that individuals joining us online are welcomed and invited to add their prayer requests to the service. This can be done from home on a desktop or laptop computer or a mobile device from anywhere. 


Chalice Bearer—individuals “bear” the chalice, assisting with the administration of communion. Until COVID is passed, this will include distributing individual communion cups. We welcome volunteers for our 8:00a, 10:45, and 5:30 services. 


Lectors—read the lessons and, or the Prayers of the People at worship. Our need is mainly at our 8:00a and our 5:30p services. 


Welcomer—assist in welcoming worshippers to Trinity, especially newcomers. Welcomers are the smiling face that assures all participants know they are welcomed and know where to go for questions. We welcome volunteers for our 8:00, 10:45, and 5:30 services. 


Altar Guild—assist in preparing the altar for worship. We will pair you with an experienced member for training, and our need is mainly for the 10:45a and 5:30p services.

Linen Guild—maintains and launders the Eucharistic linens and altar cloths. ​Training is provided, paring with experienced members is possible, and members are scheduled in rotation. 

Flower Guild—the guild prepares the flowers for worship on Sunday and on other feast days. Training is provided, paring with experienced members is possible, and members are scheduled in rotation. 


Usher—individuals assist with welcoming worshippers as they arrive, finding a seat, collecting our offering, and guiding people during communion. We have multiple usher teams who work in rotation. Our teams may be smaller for a while, but if you are interested in being a part of our usher ministry, please let us know. We welcome volunteers primarily for our 10:45a service.  


Choir—it will be some time before our full choir can offer the glory of God together as one group. However, if you have an interest in the choir, please let us know so that when the choir fully resumes, we can include you. 


Parish Life—help greet and help with Coffee Hour, cooking and serving breakfast and parish dinners, set up/clean up for parish events and receptions, outreach at communities with food insecurities. Members of the Parish Life team are an integral part of our parish fellowship. A staff member oversees this team, and you do not have to know how to cook to be a part. 


Trinity Advocates (Church of the Advocate)—assist with being part of a team of Trinitarians who participate in the ministry of the Church of the Advocates on Sundays and generally support/advocate for the relationship between Trinity and the Church of the Advocate. The Church of the Advocate meets on Sunday afternoons, and there are multiple ways you can assist in this vital ministry in our neighborhood. 


Acolyte— children and youth in grades third through twelfth-assume duties and responsibilities of serving as an acolyte during the 10:45 am service. Roles and responsibilities grow gradually with age. We have two training sessions a year. 


Flower Delivery—assist in delivering flowers from Trinity’s Sunday altar to the homebound and sick. 


Brass Polishers—we do not have much brass at Trinity but the brass we do have is in desperate need of attention. We would like to create a quarterly schedule whereby multiple individuals could share in keeping our brass in ship shape.

Let us know by email (click image) or

by phone: 828-253-9361

Volunteer Opportunities

Let us know by email or

by phone: 828-253-9361


In-Person Group Meetings

As we walk our way to a full reopening of Trinity, we want to let you know that one of the first stages of this process is allowing small groups of Trinity to begin meeting in person at the church.


Beginning April 5, your ministry team or small group is welcomed to physically meet at Trinity. Mitigation efforts continue for now such as masks in public spaces and maintaining six feet apart.


Our meeting spaces have limitations on the number of persons allowed with the six-foot distance requirement. Admittedly, if your group is more than 20 people it can be difficult to hear each other speak with six feet distance. If your group is more than 20 it is better to wait until the six foot distance requirement is relaxed.


If you decide to meet in person we encourage you to think compassionately about those in your group who may still not be vaccinated and or are just not able to be physically present right now. We do not want to shame anyone for not being able to meet in groups at this point. There will be a season in our transition to reopening where some will need to continue meeting virtually. We encourage you to offer a “hybrid” meeting if you do decide to meet in person. We give some guidelines for a hybrid meeting below.


Hybrid Meetings


You have two choices available for a hybrid meeting:


Quick and Easy Method:


Someone in the group brings a laptop and or iPad and or iPhone and they set it up for some people to join the meeting through Zoom. The individuals on Zoom will see whom they can see and hear whom and what they can hear and the experience will differ depending on the device you use. Trinity does not have a “floating” laptop to be used for this purpose and, we do not have a professional staff to help set this up. A member of the group will need to be in charge, and bring a device. This method does not provide a “full” experience for those joining the meeting virtually yet for some smaller groups it may be completely adequate.


Professional Set-Up:


The Conference Room at Trinity is fully equipped for Zoom on the large screen TV, with a professional camera and microphone. There is a limit to the number of people who can physically be in the conference room at any given time (see below).


Trinity possesses a portable large screen TV that is equipped with a computer and professional camera and microphone. It is fully equipped for Zoom. This portable set-up can be rolled to nearly any room at Trinity to be used for a hybrid meeting. This may be used in Tuton Hall, the Undercroft, the Clark Room, the Oak Hall Meeting areas, etc. There are limitations on the number of persons allowed in most of these areas (see below).




If you need to use Trinity’s Zoom account please reserve it by contacting Jo Rice at Trinity has one paid Zoom account, and your meeting will need to be scheduled to avoid conflicts. You are free to use your own account. If your Zoom account is an unpaid account, you have 40 minutes for your meeting before it will automatically end.


All rooms at Trinity must be reserved in advance. To reserve any room please contact Jo Rice or

828-253-9361 (ext.224).


Meeting Spaces Available




These spaces may be tented. It may be difficult to hold a hybrid meeting outside. It may be difficult to get everyone under the tent(s), depending on the size of your group. Yet, these spaces are available and an excellent opportunity to meet in person.


 Chapel Courtyard

 Church Street Courtyard

 Herb Garden



 Tuton Hall  Capacity: 25

 Conference Room  Capacity: 8

 The Undercroft  Capacity: 20

 The Clark Room  Capacity: 8


Vaccination Sites

Monday, March 22, 2021

As we work our way to reopening Trinity on May 2, we want to encourage you to discuss getting vaccinated against COVID-19 with your healthcare provider. If you and your healthcare provider feel that it is safe to get the COVID-19 vaccine, we do encourage it, not only for your safety and health but also for your brothers and sisters' safety in Christ. Vaccination continues to be one of the most effective measures we can take to prevent disease. 


As of March 22, 2021, NC is vaccinating groups 1-4. These groups include all essential frontline workers (healthcare and non-healthcare), anyone 65 years old or older, and anyone 16-64 with a high-risk medical condition (such as cancer, COPD, serious heart condition, Diabetes). The date for everyone else who wishes to get the vaccine but does not meet any of the above requirements has not been set. 


Below is the most up-to-date information regarding the locations for vaccination clinics:

Buncombe County

Buncombe County Health Department— Scheduling appointments for Buncombe County Residents. There is currently a waitlist. To join the waitlist, you may visit: or call 828-250-5000 between the hours of 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday.


Blue Ridge Health—Currently not compiling a waitlist. To be notified and schedule upcoming vaccination dates, go to:


Ingles Pharmacy—There is currently a waitlist for vaccine administration. Register online at:


Walgreen’s Pharmacy—Currently not doing waitlists. Scheduling appointments online at:


MAHEC— There is currently a waitlist for vaccine administration. Register online at:


Haywood County

Haywood County Health Department-- Scheduling appointments for Haywood County Residents. There is currently a waitlist for vaccine administration. Register online at: 


Henderson County 

Advent Health—Scheduling appointments for vaccines. Not compiling a waitlist. To get put on their notification system, go to:


Blue Ridge Health—Currently not compiling a waitlist. To be notified and schedule upcoming vaccination dates, go to:

We cannot wait to be able to gather together in Trinity Church’s walls. Just as in times past, we will gather together, as brothers and sisters in Christ, praise God’s holy name! 




Brad Wilson, MSN, FNP-C AOCNOP

Senior Warden & Nurse Practitioner


Dr. Doug Scothorn, MD

Vestry Member & Pediatric Hematologist/Oncologist

Henderson County Health Department—Henderson County is NOT compiling a waitlist. To schedule an appointment, call their Vaccine Call Center: 828-585-4700. 

Ingles Pharmacy— There is currently a waitlist for vaccine administration. Register online at:


Pardee Hospital—Schedule your vaccine appointment at:


Madison County 

Madison County Health Department—Scheduling appointments for Madison County Residents To be added to the waitlist, go to:


Ingles Pharmacy—Currently developing a waitlist for vaccine administration. Register online at:


McDowell County

McDowell County Health Department-- Scheduling appointments for Madison

County Residents ages 65 and older as well as all health care workers. To register for the vaccine, call: 828-803-4552 between the hours of 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday. 


Yancey County

Yancey County Health Department—Currently there is very limited information regarding vaccination clinics. Go to: frequently for updates regarding vaccination clinics. 

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Doug-Scothorn 5x7.jpg

A Word from the Rector on Reopening

Dear Trinity Friends,


In the name of Jesus, we greet you. We pray this note finds you and your loved ones well and safe. 

We write to share an update on our life at Trinity and our plans for the immediate future. It is with great joy that we share our Vestry's unanimous decision to "reopen" Trinity for public worship on Sunday, May 2, of course, barring any unforeseen circumstances. 


You will recall that we returned to online worship only last fall after a brief period of onsite worship as Coronavirus cases surged in our state and county. We are currently restricted (by our Diocese) to online worship only. We now know that by May 2 we will be allowed some level of public worship. Restrictions of some type will still be in place on May 2. Yet, we will abide by all limitations and re-open. 


Of course, this means we will experience another distanced Holy Week and Easter. It is deeply disappointing to us all. We have imagined every possible way for us to gather on Easter, few options are available, and none provide the experience we desire. In regular times we see over 1100 people pass through the doors of Trinity on Easter. No scenario will accommodate us with the distancing requirements that will still be in place on

April 4. 


So now, we place our focus and our joy on re-opening for public worship on Sunday,

May 2. We imagine that by then many more individuals will have received vaccinations which will increase the overall comfort and safety of our gathering. Though there will still be limitations on the number of people allowed to gather at one time, and a requirement of masks and distancing, we look forward to May 2 as the beginning of our journey back to full presence. 


Rest assured, we will continue to live-stream our 10:45a and 5:30p services on Sunday, including a glorious service on Easter and, once return to public worship, our live-streaming will continue. 


Soon we will be in touch with you to provide more details about participating on May 2 and beyond. We will also let you know our needs for participation by our Ministers of the Service. 


We pray you have a blessed Lent and, with you, we look forward to our joyful return. 


On behalf of the Vestry:


Brad Wilson, Sr. Warden

Binford Jennings, Jr. Warden

Scott White, Rector 

brad wilson 3.jpg

Brad Wilson

Senior Warden


Binford Jennings



Scott White