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After two years of heroically heading the Flower Guild, through two Christmases and two Easters, through COVID, cameras, volunteers sheltering at home, Ken Wilson finally handed over the leadership. Every service had lovely flowers whether the congregation was present or online. A corps of dedicated arrangers created beauty that glorified God, and, in addition, helped delight  and attract members, old and new. Live streaming is reaching a wider and larger community. Many comment on the flowers, and some with poor vision are seeing them clearly for the first time on screen.

 ”It is the Lord himself who urges us to “consider the lilies, how they grow” (Matthew 6:28).


In doing so, he directs us in an awesome encounter. The use of flowers in the church is an expression of joy and love to our Lord and gives our worship life.


This year, in addition to continuing our regular duties, we are concentrating on: 

  • Smoothing out coordination with the newly formed Flower Delivery Guild and old friend Altar Guild

  • Recruiting new members and providing training. Barbara Fotinos has continued her excellent periodic orientation and training sessions, helping new members learn their way around the altar. 

  • Using the new church-wide MSP software effectively to schedule and communicate

  • Providing some social activity to add to the fun of arranging. The customary Christmas decorating planning meeting in September became a picnic luncheon with mimosas. 

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Our Supply Sacristan, Chris Dismukes, will become co-chair of the Guild. Both she and Barbara Fotinos have heroically served far longer than they were supposed to, and we are looking for replacements for their positions. 


Mary Howell, with advice and aid from Mary Bruce Woody, has preparations for a lovely Christmas well in hand.


There are 32 members, with a few inactive at the moment. This is a great bunch of people, talented and dedicated. What a joy.


Respectively submitted,

Erwin Gunnells