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The Flower Guild ensures that the altar is decorated appropriately each Sunday, and that the whole church is beautified at Christmas and Easter. 


The group consists of about 30 members, of whom three are new. A few old members have rotated off as their lives change. Once a part of the Altar Guild, we now coordinate with them and with the Flower Delivery Guild. This is an enthusiastic and dedicated group: when the schedule goes out, which happens online, every slot is filled, sometimes within hours.

 ”It is the Lord himself who urges us to “consider the lilies, how they grow” (Matthew 6:28).


In doing so, he directs us in an awesome encounter. The use of flowers in the church is an expression of joy and love to our Lord and gives our worship life.

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We meet twice a year with the Altar Guild to organize Christmas and Easter, and then on the day before each festival to beautify the church. In the past year the planning meetings have been combined with a festive luncheon, both to provide a chance to socialize and to get potential members involved. 

We have training sessions as needed, and experienced members are very willing for neophytes to shadow them when they arrange on Saturday mornings. Trinity Flower Guild is a strong part of the team that prepares the church for worship: talented, faithful, creative and full of the joy of glorifying God with flowers. 


I will hand over the leadership to Chris Dismukes after Christmas 2022.

Respectively submitted,

Erwin Gunnells

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