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Congratulations to Ruby Anderson, Siena Gentry, Harrison White, and Frances Wilder for their appointments to the Diocesan Youth Council for the 2023-24 term!

What is the Diocesan Youth Council?

The Diocesan Youth Council comprises youth and adult leaders from the six deaneries within the diocese. They collaborate with the Missioner for Youth and Young Adults to execute the mission of youth ministry programs. Membership on this committee is open to all youths (grades 10–12) and adults who are actively engaged in their local congregations and have some exposure to diocesan-level youth programs. Members serve for a minimum of one year and may be re-appointed for up to three years. The Youth Council supports the Missioner in organizing the spring and fall Youth Conferences, as well as conceptualizing other ministry and mission opportunities for diocesan youth. They convene for training and planning weekends several months ahead of the actual events.

Please share your congratulations with these young people when you see them!

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