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In 2020 when the pandemic hit and in person worship was suspended, the Flower Delivery Ministry was born through the shared idea of Chris Dismukes and Ken Wilson. Previously, altar flowers were given to parishioners as they left the in-person service. Trinity parishioner Chris Dismukes took on the task of organizing arrangers and delivery volunteers to meet at Trinity after the 10:45 am service to rearrange flowers from the altar to smaller vases.These beautiful arrangements go to

those who are sick, can’t attend church, are on the prayer list, a death in the family, etc. The Pastoral Care committee helps inform these deliveries.

Over the past three years, the volunteer base has grown to 27 people! Each Sunday, one person is responsible for making between 6-8 smaller arrangements from the altar flowers for delivery that day, and two volunteers deliver these to people’s homes. There is no flower delivery during Advent and Lent when there are no flowers on the altar because of the penitential season. On Easter this year, we delivered 48 arrangements! A team of five volunteers arranged and 10 volunteers delivered. If you are interested in participating in this beautiful, thoughtful ministry, please contact Connie Wilson by email at:

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