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Dear Church,

Camp Henry is a very magical place, it's like a hidden gem in the mountains. What makes Camp Henry better, though, is God’s presence in everything. God is where you expect – in the Chapel during Eucharist or when we bless our meals – but God is also at the lake when you’re swimming in the refreshing and freezing water, or at the excitement and craziness of the night games. This year’s theme was “It begins with me,” which our spiritual leader, Turner, really expanded upon, and by the end you felt inspired to start building up yourself so you could help build up others. Turner helped everyone whether or not their relationship with God was strong feel more connected not just to God but to themselves and their fellow campers, through very otherworldly activities that allowed you to explore yourself and help others explore themselves.

This past year I felt very reserved and closed off. I wouldn’t talk to anyone I wasn’t comfortable with, and it held me back. I was concerned I would do the same at camp, but I talked to and got to know so many different people, all because camp gave this comfortable and inviting environment that almost nowhere else has. I started going to camp the summer before third grade and to say that camp left a mark is an understatement because I have gone every year since (excluding covid). My future has a lot of uncertainty ahead deciding where I want to go to college, what I want my job to be, but something I know is that no matter what I want to try to be a counselor and hopefully give future campers the same love and care that camp has given me.

Siena Gentry

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