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Like many of us, Episcopalian Randy Siegel felt paralyzed. He wanted to make a positive difference, but the world’s multiple ecological, economic, health, racial, spiritual, and social concerns felt too overwhelming. In his latest book Change Begins Here: Adopt the Mind of Christ and Build a Better World, Siegel turns to a number of faith traditions to conclude that as spiritual people we must awaken to the realization that change begins here—right now—with us. By adopting the mind of Christ, or Unity Consciousness, we can become the change we want to see in the world.

In his down-to-earth style, Randy Siegel shares how heaven is attainable when we adopt the mind of Christ. Not just for saints, sages, and shamans, Christ or unity consciousness is something all of us can employ regardless of our faith. Siegel explains how with three practical spiritual strategies supported by insights, practices, and exercises. The three strategies are:

One: Lean into The Longing: We are creatures who long, and the source of all longing is union, reunion, and communion with the Divine. When we lean into longing, nothing becomes more important than strengthening our relationship with God.

Two: Awaken to Our Presence: By being present to the moment, finding God in silence and stillness, and seeing divinity in all people, places, things, and situations, we strengthen our relationship with God and increase our capacity to receive and give love.

Three: Choose Love: We follow what Jesus called the greatest commandments—to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Trinity Episcopal Church Rector, The Reverend Doctor R. Scott White, writes: “Randy Siegel’s insightful new book Change Begins Here guides the reader to new ways of thinking and acting with the clarity of a great teacher and the gentleness of a great friend. The book draws from millennia of wisdom across the entire globe while still offering a fresh view of some of the most ancient truths about us as individuals and as a people. Change Begins Here offers opportunities to learn on your own and with others by crafting unique experiential elements for its readers that set it apart from books that seem only to talk at you. In a way, Randy is also listening. It’s an exciting journey from a masterful guide.”

Change Begins Here: Adopt the Mind of Christ and Build a Better World is available on Amazon, and readers are invited to join the community Facebook page, Change Begins Here: Change Your Consciousness; Change The World.

Randy Siegel has written five books, including the Amazon best seller In Search of The One: How to Attract the Relationship You’ve Longed For. For more than thirty years, Siegel has been inspiring thousands of men and women worldwide to “stand in their power and become the full expression of all they are” through art, workshops, and writing. He is a parishioner at both Trinity Episcopal Church in Asheville, NC and Christ Church Frederica in Saint Simons Island, Georgia. For more information on Randy Siegel’s work, visit


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