A Word from the Rector on the Justice of God


Dear Trinity members and Friends, some of you know that I’ve been on a short vacation over the past week for some time away and to provide some activity for children now out of school with nowhere to turn. I have tried to stay away from the news cycle and have had to get up-to-date with the news of violence, death and response again underway in our nation. I too was heartbroken to watch the video of George Floyd’s death. This narrative is way too common in our nation. As followers of Jesus Christ we know that Jesus’s life is our guide and our measure. We know that he lived in a world of inequity and that he came that all may be seen at God’s children. We also know that he died to show to the world that he meant what he said.


As you know, I believe the only way to meaningful change in life is through deeper understanding and that deeper understanding comes in conversation with others. I resist, at every corner, short social media posts that do not add to our knowledge as a body of Christ or to our ability to make change happen. I resist, at every corner, “statements” that do not acknowledge the depth or complexity of the real work that needs to be done in our understanding and in our society. I want to be careful, as your priest, that nothing I say implies that I see and understand what everyone else does not. Indeed, just the opposite, I have so much to learn about the places of inequity in our own society that exist around me, inequity and injustice that I do not naturally see or experience. 

As I have preached before, and do so again, the goal of our faith is not merely to get to the other side, the Kingdom to come, so-to-say. It is also realizing that the Kingdom of God has already begun. We are, even now, part of the new world God is building and we are always being challenged to live our lives according to this new world so that, as we pray in our most common prayer, “...thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” God builds this new world when we live according to God’s commands for justice and righteousness. 


Over the past few years Fr. David and I have begun to provide space for us to have conversations on the justice God is calling us to. Including an in-depth series in the Adult Forum addressing our community's history and in Parents in Conversation exploring rearing kids in a diverse world. Fr. Dennis has been instrumental in these conversations with his multi-year Becoming Beloved Community group. We don’t point this out to show any righteousness but rather to acknowledge how complex the challenge before us is. 


Please know that in the coming year, and years, we will have even more opportunity as a community of faith, to deepen and expand these conversations that we might know even more how God is challenging us to not only see the injustice around us but also how we can be a part of the change that is needed so that we might truly live in the Kingdom of God that is now. 



A Message from the Rector and Wardens


A blessed Memorial Day Weekend to all. We lift up in prayer all those who gave their lives for freedom’s sake and all those who continue to sacrifice themselves to keep others safe and well in this time of national crisis. 


We write to let you know that the Vestry of Trinity has unanimously chosen to wait until at least July before we consider a return to some level of public worship. Our decision is based on our desire to keep all members of Trinity well and out of our need to have time to plan. Guidelines just released by our Diocesan Bishop make clear our responsibility to have in place a host of precautions when any level of public worship returns. 


Our staff and our volunteers will need ample time to make this possible. We will continue to keep you informed yet, in the meantime, please know that all of our LiveStream services will continue for good. 


With continued prayers for safety, wellness and God’s Blessing,

Susan Haldane, Sr. Warden

Fred Fairhead, Jr. Warden

Scott White, Rector

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Join our rector Scott White and our senior warden Susan Haldane as they share how Trinity, its staff, and vestry have been and continue to address the new ministry circumstances brought on by COVID-19. Learn more about our parish's financial life together and how ministry continues to thrive at Trinity and how your participation has been an invaluable gift in making that happen.

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On Tuesday, July 28, Trinity’s clergy, staff and vestry met with the parish for a Zoom gathering to update the parish on life at Trinity. Nearly 80 parishioners joined in.  The presentation included plans for outdoor worship opportunities, continued mission and ministry, and plans for the beginning of our program year come September.

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Parish Zoom Meeting

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