One of the most scandalous dimensions of the message of Jesus is the proclamation that his God is a God of unconditional love and unlimited mercy. God offers love and forgiveness to all, even when that love is not returned. This Good News left the people of his own day puzzled and confused and that same Good News is often too much for even the modern soul to accept. How can God


love the sinner and evildoer? Yet Jesus says, “I have not come to call the just, but sinners to repentance” (Mark 2:17). 


Yet here is the implication that really makes Jesus’ good news so difficult for us, that if Jesus forgives us, we are to forgive one another. The Gospel is emphatic: “For if you forgive others their transgressions, your heavenly Father will also forgive you; but if you do not forgive others, neither will your Father forgive your transgressions” (Matthew 6:14-15).


Herein lies the journey of Lent, contemplating the deep paradox and beauty in God’s unmerited forgiveness toward us and our God’s call for us to forgive one another. Forgiveness is hard. Yet at its core, forgiveness seeks to go beyond oneself, leaving bitterness and vengeance behind. Forgiveness calls us to consider that those who have done wrong are not defined by their sins, they are always children of God and brothers and sisters in our shared humanity as God’s children. They can never be reduced to “sinners” alone. 


This Lent we take special care to consider how we are called to live in a world with people with whom we may disagree. See especially our class on Difference taking place on Sunday mornings. Respecting those who are different, in mind, body, and spirit seems to be as hard as it has ever been in our generation. How can we find our common humanity in the sinner and the saint, and in the one who votes differently and who lives differently? It must start with our thanksgiving for what God has done for us. When we start with the truth that we too are sinners in need of forgiveness, our outlook toward our neighbor changes and we see that they too are sinners whom God loves. 


May this Lenten journey transform our hearts and minds and make us fellow travelers in the mercies of Christ.



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The Scandal of Forgiveness
by Scott White


Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner

March 1


Our Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner will be held in Tuton Hall on Tuesday, March 1st at 6:00p. The cost is $5.00 per person.  Please join us in preparation for the start of Lent, as we enjoy pancakes, sausage, and bacon, all prepared by our Trinity Men. No reservations are required. Trinity Men, your help is needed to set up, cook, and clean up! Please sign up on the bulletin board near the Conference Room or at  


6:00p -dinner and crafts for children

6:30p - Pancake race and other games!


Ash Wednesday Services

March 2


Three services of the Holy Eucharist with the imposition of ashes will be held. 


7:30a in the Redwood Chapel. This service is intended to last 30 minutes for those who would like to attend before heading to the office or other responsibilities of the day.


12:15p in the church. This service is intended to last one hour for those who need to get back to work.  Nursery care is available.


5:30p in the church. This service will be led by our Adult Choir. Nursery care is available.

Ash Wednesday - 002.jpg

Changes in Worship for Lent


You will notice that our worship services during the season of Lent is different from our ordinary worship life. In Lent, our worship changes to reflect the solemn nature of the season and to help us consider our relationship with God in light of our own imperfections, what is called, in theological terms, sin. The color of the season is violet, flowers will not be used on the altar, the tone of our music will be more subdued, and we will refrain from using the word, “Alleluia.” All of these changes help us to focus our attention on the season and will be “lifted” on Easter morning.


Alleluia Sunday

Sunday, February 27

The Last Sunday before Ash Wednesday is traditionally called, “Alleluia Sunday.” It is the last Sunday we use the praise word Alleluia until Easter morning. During Lent, we refrain from using “Alleluia” as a way of honoring this time of reflection. On this day our children will be part of our procession out of the church. They will process with our Alleluia Banner, exiting and proceeding to the Redwood Chapel sacristy, to bury the “Alleluia” until Easter Sunday when they will carry it back in at our services.


Pastyme at Celtic Service

March 6 and April 10,  5:30p


The Asheville-based a cappella group Pastyme will be joining us on the first Sunday of Lent and on Palm Sunday at the Celtic service and offering a stunning selection of sacred music for this holy day.


Now a beloved tradition at Trinity, this will be the seventh year Pastyme has joined us for this service. They will provide all of the music for our worship and have selected some truly stunning pieces of sacred music with which to usher us into Holy Week.

Pastyme is a vocal group from Asheville which performs a cappella music of all kinds. Even though Pastyme has its roots in the sacred and secular music of the High Renaissance, the group performs a cappella music from a wide variety of literature, from classical to jazz, for concerts, church services, and special events.   The members of Pastyme are all active in the music community of Asheville, singing with church choirs, the opera and musical theatre. 


The group has also performed at numerous venues and churches in the Southeast, including the Piccolo Spoleto Festival in Charleston, SC, the Cathedral of St. Philip, Atlanta, the Echo Early Music Festival, Imagine- A Community Concert at Diana Wortham Theater, Biltmore Estate and the FEI World Equestrian Games, Tryon, N.C.  They may be contacted through

Keeping Lent at Home: A Journey with Prayer Flags

For Families of Children and Youth


This Lent families of children and youth will receive a packet in the mail with everything you need to create Prayer Flags for the season.  Marjorie Thompson, in her book, “Family, the Forming Center” says that “if prayer constitutes the very soul of the Christian spiritual life, prayer also must lie at the center of family spirituality.” Having a ritual for family worship dovetails perfectly with the child or young person’s need for concrete objects and physical activity. Our hope is that creating prayer flags together during the season of Lent will provide a way for you to gather as a family and explore different kinds of prayers.

Prayer Flags for Lent Brochure.jpg

For this Lent, we will be looking at 5 different types of prayer: confession, petition, intercession, thanksgiving, and praise. We will focus on one type of prayer each week in Lent.  Since there are 6 weeks in Lent, we will use the 1st flag as a “Family Flag”.  The packet you receive will contain all the materials you need to create the prayer flags.  Your family can get as creative as you like by adding other things you may have, or you may just want to keep it simple.  You will receive a Devotional booklet to guide you through this season and the activity with the flags.

Lenten Meditations Written by Trinitarians


Once again we are blessed to have a Lenten Devotional booklet for the season of Lent written by members of the Trinity community. We will be mailing a booklet to every household of Trinity and it is also available on Trinity’s website

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Sunday Adult Forum Lenten Study

Sundays 9:30 to 10:30a 

In the Undercroft AND Online 


Sundays: March 6, 13, 20, 27 April 3 
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Difference: The Power of Faith in a Conflicted World.


Difference is a class that explores what it means to follow Jesus in a complex and divided world, seeing transformation through everyday encounters. The course, inspired by the work of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Reconciliation Network, seeks to help each of us navigate across divides, disagreements and pursue a just a flourishing world. 


Have you found yourself in deep disagreements with family and friends? Have your disagreements affected your relationships with others, others you love, and are an important part of your life? Come and explore how we are called to live joyfully in a conflicted world. The five-week course includes these focus areas:


  • Understanding God’s Call To Life in a Divided World

    • God can transform relationships in a conflicted world. God’s call and equipping make it possible. 


  • Crossing Divides

    • God invites us to see where difference or prejudice divides us from others and offers us opportunities to see them as he does. 


  • Navigating Disagreement

    • God is with us as we face the challenge of disagreement, which can become an opportunity for stronger relationships if handled well. 


  • Practicing Forgiveness

    • God is with us in the mess and complexity of trying to put forgiveness into practice in our relationships. 


  • Risking Hope

    • Doing relationships God’s way will sometimes be risky and resisted, but the hope it brings is transformative.

Walking The Way of Lent on Wednesdays:

Faith, Fellowship, and Food

Wednesdays | 12:00 to 1:00p
Undercroft and Tuton Hall 

This year we are focusing our Lenten Mid-week gathering on fellowship. We have been separated and distanced from each other for so long we want to provide as many ways possible for our common life in being together. This one hour on Wednesdays is time for prayer and meditation, food and fellowship, and an optional offering of additional prayer and meditation in walking Trinity’s Labyrinth

12-12:15 Noonday Prayer and Meditation

12:15 Lunch 


Labyrinth Open in Tuton Hall from 12:00 to 1:00p for those who wish to partake. 

Noonday Prayers with Meditations on the Cross,

through the church's music. 


Wednesday, March 9 The Cross is the Great Revealer — When I Survey the Wondrous Cross by Isaac Watts. 


Wednesday, March 16 Love Unswerving — Ah, Holy Jesus, How Have Thou Offended? by Johann Heermann.


Wednesday, March 23 Weighing Our Answers — Were You There, a traditional spiritual. 


Wednesday, March 30 In Grief Our Consultation — Lux Aeterna, composed by Edger Elgar. 


Wednesday, April 6 The Resurrection To Come — Ain't no grave Gonna hold my body down, Claude Ely, sung by Molly Skaggs. 


Lenten Lunches - $6.00 per person 

All lunches include Dessert


March 9- Soup/Grilled Cheese

March 16 - Chicken Casserole/Rice

March 23 - Soup/Salad

March 30- Baked Potato Bar/ Spinach Salad

April 6 - Baked Chicken/Rice


If you would like to volunteer to help cook or clean up, please contact Debbie Cox at 253-9361 or


Youth Formation during Lent 

Seven Last Words
March 6,13, 20, 27 and
April 3rd, 9:30a


Each Sunday during Lent, we will discuss the seven last words of Jesus from the cross. The weekly reflections will focus on one word we chose from each of the seven sayings. Each reflection is for our youth by connecting Jesus’ life-giving words from the cross to our daily lives today.


Know - God forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing. ( Luke 23:34)

Truth - Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in Paradise. (Luke 23:43)

Here - Here is your son. Here is your mother. (John 19:26-27)

Forsaken - My God, My God, why have you forsaken me? (Matthew 27:46)

Thirsty - I am thirsty. (John 19:28)

Finished - It is finished. ( John 19:30)

Commend - God, into your hands I commend my spirit. (Luke 23:46

Believe - (with a focus on Luke 24:10-11)

SevenLastWords-Devotional_rev2 (2)-1.jpg

Holy Week and Easter at Trinity 


Making Resurrection Gardens for Palm Sunday 

Sunday, April 10
for families of children and youth
Chapel Courtyard (rain site-Tuton Hall)


All parents and children/youth  are invited to come to the Chapel Courtyard on Palm Sunday in place of Sunday School classes.  You will make a “resurrection garden” to take home with you to guide you through Holy Week along with a devotional guide..  These are fun to make and a tangible way to connect with each day of Holy Week.  Join us!

resurrection garden.jpg

Palm Sunday 

April 10








Eucharist and Liturgy of the Palms: Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Nursery Opens


Christian Formation -Palm Sunday Walk (see above)

Adult Forum 

Eucharist and Liturgy of the Palms: Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Celtic Eucharist and Blessing of the Palms. The acapella group, Pastyme, will lead our music. 

Maundy Thursday

April 14


Eucharist and optional foot-washing and stripping of the altar, Nave

Good Friday

April 15


Good Friday Liturgy with the reading of the Passion Gospel


Good Friday Liturgy with the reading of the Passion Gospel


saturday, april 16


Easter Vigil (begins in Memorial Garden)

Followed by a champagne reception.

sunday, april 17




Champagne Breakfast in Tuton Hall


Children's Hour in the Undercroft *


Full Choral Eucharist with Brass Quartet and Chancel Choir *


Easter Egg Hunt in the Chapel Courtyard **


Children's Hour for the 11:00 service begins in the Undercroft


Full Choral Eucharist with Brass Quartet and Chancel Choir *


No Celtic Eucharist

*   Nursery Provided

** Parents, note that the Easter egg hunt is in between the 9 and 11 am services, so all children can participate, whether you are attending the 9 or 11 service!