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Flower Delivery Ministry

The Flower Delivery Ministry was inaugurated after Easter Sunday, 2020.

I see this as another silver lining of COVID-19, as this was an unusual Easter to say the least. As Scott, David, and staff scrambled to get a virtual service together, the Flower Guild continued with plans to beautify our sanctuary on this Holy Day.

But what to do with all the flowers, since our usual method of sharing with attendees was not possible?

Our fabulous Chair of Flower Guild, Ken Wilson, and Pastoral Care Team-member, Chris Dismukes, pulled together a team of three to arrange over 30 small vases the day after Easter. Another team of three delivered to parishioners at retirement communities, nursing homes and those alone at home. 


Out of this effort, the Flower Guild learned that this small gift of flowers from the altar was a symbol of God’s love, our love, and support of one another.

This ministry is now a part of Pastoral Care, as we think of those in need and or dealing with trying times.


Each Sunday, volunteers meet at Trinity after the 10:45 service to rearrange flowers from the altar to smaller vases. Deliveries follow with one or two volunteers who may have 5-10 vases, depending on flower availability.


We have all learned that being a part of this ministry gives just as much joy to us as the joy delivered to others. We have received many wonderful well wishes from recipients who are grateful for this small way of showing support.


If you are interested in arranging, delivering, or both: Please contact Ken Wilson.

If you know of a parishioner who would benefit from a delivery, Contact Ken.

And, if you have SMALL vases that you would like to donate, feel free to deliver to the church, or contact Chris Dismukes (828-231-2897). We currently have a great supply of larger vases, so do not have storage for anymore.


Chris Dismukes

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