Faith in the 828 is a Lenten series focused on issues of faith in our local area (828 is our Area Code!). This year we focus on the concept of peace. Peace is not strictly a Christian concept but it is the call of Jesus. We take the title of our series from the great hymn, God the Omnipotent! whose clairon refrain beseeches God to, "Give To Us Peace In Our Time, O Lord."

In this era where political rhetoric is fused with anger and violence like never before in our lifetimes, we will take a moment this Lent to consider how we can be agents of peace, individually and as a community of faith. Our series begins by learning about the concept of Non-Violent Communication. Many have asked for tools to have respectful conversations across differences even within our own families. Non-Violent Communication is a way for us to understand what it takes to talk across differences so that we do not contribute to anger, violence, and misunderstanding. We will also speak with community leaders who share how they go about being peacemakers in the often divisive contexts of politics, military, and church. Join us for the timely series as we go deeper into reflection in this holy season.


This year our series will be online and found at Trinity's YouTube page


Wednesdays during Lent. 12:15 pm

Videos will be available when the premiere presentation has ended.
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