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Every baptized person is called to ministry. The Education for Ministry (EfM) program provides people with the education to carry out that ministry. During the Service of Confirmation we ask God to "Renew in these your servants the covenant you made with them at Baptism. Send them forth in the power of the Spirit to perform the service you set before them." EfM offers an opportunity to discover how to respond to the call to Christian service. 


Deerfield Daytime Group


Did you know Deerfield has hosted Education for Ministry (EfM) groups at St. Giles Chapel for several years? EfM was founded in 1975 by the Rev. Charles Winters, then further developed and nurtured by the Rev. Edward de Bary (later both Deerfield residents), as a unique four-year distance learning certificate program in theological education sponsored by the School of Theology in Sewanee, TN.


EfM invites participants into small, mentored groups meeting once each week that provide the framework for understanding life and shaping actions as Christian faith is deepened. The four-year program includes study of the Hebrew or Old Testament (year 1), New Testament (year 2), Christian history (year 3), and Christian theology and philosophy (year 4). Through conversation and discussion various techniques of theological reflection are developed to help encounter the breadth and depth of the Christian tradition and bring it into conversation with your experiences of the world as you study, worship, and engage together. The seminar group is the nucleus of the Education for Ministry program. A group consists of six to twelve participants and a trained mentor who meet weekly over the course of a nine-month academic year. At St. Giles Chapel these Wednesday morning meetings are usually two and a half hours in length. The meetings this year will be via Zoom and are scheduled for Wednesday mornings 9:30-11:30. 

More than 100,000 people around the world from numerous religious denominations have participated in this popular program. The required texts and materials for study are provided in print form, although students will need to provide their own Bible. E-books of the Reading and Reflection Guides are also provided to all. Seminar groups work under the leadership of mentors trained by Education for Ministry who serve as guides and administrators. The cost is $375 per year, paid as participants register at the beginning of each year.

The St. Giles group has openings for a few new participants to join. By being an EfM participant, you will learn how to articulate your faith. You will learn how to shape your faith into action. You will become involved in ministries in your community and you will make a difference. If you are interested, please contact Walton Boyer at for more information.

You may also contact our co-mentors

Rhonda Candler Kilby 828-450-6561

Donna Cook

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