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A Message from the Deacon

The Rev. Dcn. Bob Zito

Being brand new at Trinity, I have been working prayerfully at discerning where God is leading me in my ministry here. I am thankful for all the love and support I have received from each of you. I dare say that I am the happiest I have ever been in my ordained life of 20 years.


It’s been a pleasure serving alongside the Rector and other clergy at the Eucharist. We have a well formed liturgy that faithfully features the voice of the Deacon: (i) proclaiming the Gospel; (ii) bidding the intercessions and confession, (iii) setting the table; and (iv) dismissing the congregation. The deacon is a clergy member who leads the transition of the people from the secular to the sacred.  For this reason, I like to greet you upon your exit from the church at its threshold. 

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I am in awe of the participation of parishioners in all of the many ministries of Trinity. I feel particularly called to engage people in our common community. I have been working with the Women’s Bible Study group and the Outreach and Pastoral Care Committees. 


I leave the best for last. I love breakfast!  It’s great to spend some quality time talking about life in a sacred, yet informal setting. 


I am extremely grateful for having the opportunity to serve you all.


Go forth in peace to love and serve the Lord in all persons. 


Respectfully submitted,

Bob Zito