Trinity Daily Reflections for Advent

This is not the Advent any of us anticipated or expected. 


As a country, as a city, as a parish, as individuals, we have had to alter many of our beloved traditions and timeless holiday activities. The hustle-and-bustle of daily calendars filled holiday parties, gatherings, and the like seem so distant as to be nostalgic this year. 


We long for the day when we can regather without restrictions, anxiety, or masks. Nothing beats a warm smile from old friends on a cold day in December. 


So we are in the midst of a liminal time, between what the world was and what the world will be. Which, if you think about it, is a pretty apt description of the season of Advent itself. I guess you could say we’ve been living Advent for a long, long time. We are adventing in a very, very personal way this year, and because of that, we have an opportunity to connect more intimately with all those people around the world who have been waiting for and longing for relief of some kind—relief from wars, terrorism, violence, hunger, poverty, and oppression. We can certainly hear the cry of the prophets of old with startling clarity this year, “How long, O Lord?”


As Christians, waiting, anticipation, and hope are in our wheelhouse. Scripture is so full of these themes, from Genesis to Revelation, it almost seems a shame we only dedicate the four weeks of this season to them. 


This Advent devotion represents one of the ways Christians have always persevered in times like these, by deepening our connection to each other, by sharing our journeys, and by setting aside additional time for prayer and reflection as a community. Since it’s not something we can do in-person much this booklet, written entirely by members of our parish, offers a chance to lift one another up in love, encourage each other in the faith, and buoy one another in hope.


Please join us in waiting, hoping, and giving thanks together this season.


With thanks,


Special thanks to Connie Wilson for the cover art and for all of our writers.

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Trinity Advent Devotional Cover 2020 web

Cover art by Connie Wilson

Trinity Advent Devotional Cover 2020 web