Adult Formation 2021 

Sundays at 9:30a

Simultaneous, In-Person, AND online

The Zoom Link will be on the church website and sent each Sunday morning by email to those on our email distribution list.

Trinity Sunday Adult Forum

Sundays at 9:30a


The mission of Trinity Church is to be a place where all people, no matter where they come from, no matter where they have been, are welcome to Explore Faith, Embrace Community and Expect to Make a Difference and See a Difference. Each Sunday morning, we come together to engage that part of our life that explores our faith. Trinity's Sunday Adult forum explores topics biblical, theological, spiritual, and communal. Here is a safe place to explore faith with fellow Trinitarians. Here we can challenge ideas, wonder out loud, and celebrate the grace of Jesus. 

Simultaneous, In-Person, AND online. 

CLICK HERE to join by Zoom.

January 9, 16 and 23

God-IRL (God In Real Life)

Sundays, 9:30a

in the Conference room AND on Zoom. 

For three Sundays in the season of Epiphany the Adult Forum will look at current event examples of God showing up In Real Life (IRL).


The season of Epiphany is when we remember the "manifestations" of God, showing up in Jesus. On Sundays we will read the passages of Jesus' baptism, his miracle at the wedding at Cana and his teaching in the temple that made everyone realize he was more than just Mary and Joseph's son. So we will look for signs of God IRL.


You don't need to read or prepare anything before this class but sign up using the form BY CLICKING HERE if you would like to receive copies of the current event articles that will inform our discussion. 

August 29 & September 5

Sunday Lessons Up Close


We kick off our Adult forum season by exploring the scripture readings we will be encountering on Sunday mornings for the rest of 2021. The Gospel of Mark will be read in church every Sunday for the rest of 2021. What should we look for in Mark's story that will awaken us to the Spirit's presence? The Epistles (the second reading on Sunday) will be from James, Hebrews, Revelation, 1 Thessalonians, and Philippians. We'll explore how they fit in. Join the Rector and others who will help set us up for the coming year. 


September 12

Staff Close Up

Meet our New Deacon, the Rev. Bob Zito.


Over the summer, God blessed Trinity in sending a new deacon, the Rev. Bob Zito. Many of you know him already, but join us this Sunday to hear more about him and his story. We will also be able to meet Mary Grace Blake and Sam Spragins, who are helping with our digital and Livestream ministry at Trinity. 

September 19

Vestry Sunday

Join members of our Vestry as we kick off a new year—in person! They will share where we've been and where we are going as a parish. You learn about the latest innovative ministry Trinity's been doing during the pandemic and how the difficulties of 2020 are yielding new blessings for the future. 


September 26 & October 3

Partners in Ministry: Joining Hands to Make a Difference

The pandemic brought into sharp relief the disparities and needs in our world, so we will be spending several Sundays welcoming representatives from our partners in ministry who make transformative impacts in our community with Trinity's support. 

September 26

Habitat for Humanity


We welcome Andy Barnett from Habitat for Humanity. Trinity Church was part of the movement that brought Habitat to the Asheville area back in the 1970s. Several Trinitarians will recall those days and the passion and vision that brought them about. Andy will bring us up to date on Habitat's current mission and how it continues to impact housing in our community. Of course, this is timely since Trinity is currently building a Habitat house for our own, Glenn Childes. 


October 3

Trinity Place


Across the street from Trinity is a red brick home. Few know that the home houses Trinity Place. Trinity Place is a shelter for run-away teens. It's one of only a few in all of Western North Carolina. Teenagers who have either left their home on their own or removed for safety reasons find Trinity Place as a safe place. Trinity Place is a confidential ministry to protect the children, so our involvement is deep but not one-on-one. We welcome Debbie Alford, the Director, to give us a deeper understanding of Trinity Places' current mission and ministry.

October 10

Weave, Weave

Rosemary Crow, Book Signing


Come and hear from former Trinity Director of Music (1969-1982) Rosemary Crow about her call to a musically inspired life of grace. Rosemary will have copies of her new book, Weave us Together; My Musical Journey. 


Musician and songwriter, Rosemary Crow, believes music comes from deep within the soul. One day, a beautiful song, “Speak to me in Holy Silence,” came to her while she slept. She immediately went to her piano, wrote down the words and music and composed a song for the first time in her life.


As time went by, she composed more and more songs and finally resigned from her job as Director of Music at Trinity in order to pursue her new career as a composer and performer. People’s response to her popular song “Weave” gave her the opportunity to travel across the country and perform at the General Convention of the Episcopal Church, The Democratic Convention Prayer Breakfast and even a maximum security men’s prison. All this because she was willing to follow where the Spirit led her. 


October 17

Rise Against Hunger: All Parish Service Event


Back again, we join the global fight against hunger. The pandemic set back the fight against extreme hunger. After decades of steady decline in world hunger, the past 12 months have seen increases worldwide. Join us as we pack and prepare 10,000 emergency meals for those most at-risk and on the margins in our world. All ages are welcome. Dress casually and wear a hat to avoid the hairnet!

October 24-December 12

Exploring the Episcopal Experience


Most of us were away from in-person worship for a year or more. Did you forget anything? Or did it all snap back into place like riding a bicycle? Maybe you can't remember why we do a certain thing during worship or don't do things the same way as other parishes or denominations. Perhaps you found us online and want to know more about this whole Episcopal way of life. Join us, old friends and new alike, as we Explore the Episcopal Experience after a year away. Those who attend this class are prepared for the sacrament of Confirmation when our Bishop visits in 2022. Other, long-term Episcopalians take this class to refresh their understanding and to get to know new members. New members take this class for understanding but also for fellowship with other new members. No matter where you fit, join us!


December 19

The Story of Christmas


The gospel of Matthew and Luke serve as our primary stories for the Christmas season. They're beloved stories with a cast of characters some of us may recall more from pageants than Scripture. Whatever the case, join us as we explore the shape of the Infancy Narratives and how each Gospel writer is telling a unique story in a certain way to highlight aspects of Jesus' ministry and life. 

December 26



The Sunday Adult Forum will take a break on this Sunday after Christmas Day. 

Parents in Conversation (PiC)


The Clark Room, 9:30 a.m.

Parents in Conversation gathers each week for coffee and discussion around various parenting topics, from raising kids in a diverse world to addressing mental health in children. We're known to explore topics like the Enneagram and Brene Brown to enrich our understanding of ourselves and deepen our parenting as well as current issues our youth are facing in a polarized, secularizing culture. This year, PiC will start by discussing mental health and children with area experts.


Faith Formation Beyond Sunday Morning

Men’s Bible Study 


Men's Bible Study meets online on Friday mornings at 7:30a for prayer, fellowship, and study. The link for joining is on the homepage of Trinity’s website.


Women’s Bible Study 


The group meets simultaneously in-person and online on Tuesdays from 9:30-11:00a. for fellowship, prayer, and study.


Rector's Bible Study


Rector’s Bible Study meets online on Thursday evenings from 7-8:00p. We are studying the Synoptic Gospels. As a group, we share fellowship, prayer, and study. All are welcome. The Zoom link to join can be found on the Trinity website.

Second Chapter Book Group


Led by Barbara Fotinos, this book club meets every other month on Thursday at 10-11:30 am in the Clark Room. New members are most welcome! Contact Barbara Fotinos ( for more information.

Daughters of the King


This is an order for Episcopal women dedicated to prayer, service, and evangelism, which meets regularly to support each other in prayer and spiritual growth.


Education for Ministry (EFM)


Education for Ministry is a four year program overseen by the School of Theology at the University of the South. It covers the Old Testament, New Testament, Church History and more ( You can commit for one year at a time. Trinity hosts two groups and there is room in both groups. This coming year (beginning in September) the meetings will be hybrid with weekly meetings on Monday evenings using Zoom and quarterly in-person get togethers. Contact Peggy Buchanan for information ( 

Contemplative Prayer Group


This prayer group meets on alternate Wednesdays throughout the fall as follows: September 8 and 22, October 6 and 20, November 3 and 17, and December 1 and 15.  In addition to contemplative prayer time, we will also be reading and reflecting on John Philip Newell's new book, Sacred Earth, Sacred Soul.  John Philip Newell was the long-time warden of the Iona Abbey in Scotland and still leads pilgrimages to Iona.  He is also the founder of The School of Earth and Soul (A Celtic Initiative of Study, Spiritual Practice and Compassionate Action).  Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has said of the book: "This wonderful book calls us to wake up and see that there's no going back to small, limited notions of God and the sacred." All are welcome to join us on this journey.  If you have questions or want more information, please contact the Trinity church office.


Trinity Wednesday Bo0k Study

Reimagining our Place in the Story


This hybrid book study group meets every other Wednesday 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm in the Clark Room and via Zoom.  The group originally started by David Henson, former Associate Rector, along with parishioners, Sharon Lechner and Page McCorkle in June 2021.  The first series included an initial group forming and norming meeting followed by discussions of the book, "Jesus and The Disinherited" by Howard Thurman.  


The second series began in September 2021 and continued through December 2021.  Co-facilitators, Sharon and Page, continue to lead the group.  The book being studied is, “Sisters in the Wilderness” by Delores Williams.


The third series will begin in January 2022.  The book selected to study is - “I’m Still Here, Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness” by Austin Channing Brown.

Each meeting we host about 6 people in-person and 2-4 online.  Most members of the group are Trinitarians.  The group has garnered attention of some non-members, who have joined us.  We invite any interested participants.


We created a set of intentions that guide our meetings and we follow a simple format.

Intentions include:

  1. Building relationships, following Jesus into the wilderness, and learning together,

  2. Practicing making changes where we can, no matter how big or small,

  3. Committing to the work for a lifetime, making it a lifestyle choice

  4. Seeking the Third Way of gentleness, creativity, and divestment of power, not only in our antiracism work but in our relationships with each other. 


In exploring the works of theologians of color and other African-American authors, we deepen our faith, expand our understanding of Christ’s call for reconciliation, and develop a different perspective of scripture.


We welcome group members to enter into dialogue in a safe and supportive setting with other fellow Trinitarians and church leaders – to discuss questions about the text that can be challenging and uncomfortable.  


The group’s journey is to do “the work” of learning what have our black brothers and sisters experienced (and continue to experience in our world), how did (and do) they feel, what have they learned (and what can we learn from them), where did (and do) they find God in the midst of racism, oppression and violence, and most importantly -- what is our role in doing God’s work as fellow Christians.


We share our own stories of personal growth, shame, healing, and where we find hope and opportunity to embrace the larger community of faith that includes all God’s children.   We discuss ways we -- as individuals, a group, a community and a world -- can promote social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion. 


If you are interested in joining us, then please contact Page McCorkle or Sharon Lechner.

Above the Clouds