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Trinity’s Acolyte Ministry is the largest, most active group of youth in the church. We have 37 youth  and children who serve on a regular basis, at least once a month, but sometimes more. The goal of the acolyte ministry is to serve God and his church, and to enhance the worship service for all involved. Acolytes don’t do or say a lot during the service, but imagine how different our service would be without the cross, candles, or banners!  


Each Sunday requires a minimum of 5 acolytes- one for 8:00 service and 4 for 10:45. The average number of acolytes scheduled for 10:45 service is 4 per Sunday. Bill Morrissey has faithfully served as the acolyte for the 8:00 for many years, and only misses one or two Sundays a year. 


The majority of our acolytes are in 3rd-12th grades. We do have some adults that acolyte occasionally, when it is not appropriate to use youth, primarily for funerals, the 11:00 pm Christmas Eve service and 6:00 am Great Vigil of Easter. 

Our acolytes also serve at funerals and special services at Trinity.

Monies from the acolyte ministry budget are used for maintenance of vestments, purchase of new gloves as needed, and to purchase and engrave crosses for our acolytes.  


We have two adult volunteers to help with the acolytes, Elizabeth Boulter and Anna Whisnant.


We have two training sessions, one August and one in January.

During the pandemic, I was the only acolyte until the summer and then slowly our acolytes have returned this fall.

Respectfully submitted,

Debbie Cox

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