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Ministry Teams

At its January 2013 retreat, the Vestry of Trinity moved toward a new model for mission and ministry, by organizing itself and the parish into ministry teams. What is a team? A team is formed whenever groups of people come together to accomplish a common goal. In the world of sports the goal is to win. In the world of the church the goal building up the body of Christ for service in the name of Christ.

Team ministry is a powerful way for a congregation to expand its mission and ministry and position itself so that more and more people can participate in the mission and ministry of the parish.

Instead of the Vestry, or even just the clergy, leading mission and ministry at Trinity ministry teams will enable more and more persons to offer their gifts and talents.

The Vestry has established a number of teams, and each team will have a Convener (not the authority but the facilitator) and a Vestry Liaison as members. These two persons along with at least four to six other persons will form the team. The goal of the each team is to facilitate leadership in a number of vital areas in the life of Trinity Church that we might better serve Christ and each other. A number of our teams are already fully functioning at Trinity and others are being established. Here is a brief description of each team:

Administrative Teams

The Administration Team will assist the Rector in overseeing the administrative life of the parish, including our business contracts, insurance coverage, office needs, and personnel. Vestry Liaison, David Pheil, cdpheil@altamontcm.com.

The Budget team will come together for the task of proposing a budget to the Vestry of Trinity. They will communicate with the clergy and staff on a yearly basis to draw up a proposed budget based on our mission and goals. The proposal to go to the Vestry for itís approval at itís January meeting. Vestry Liaison, Adrian Vassallo. adrian.vassallo.avl@gmail.com.

Buildings and Grounds
The Buildings and Grounds team will oversee the physical needs of the Trinity campus and facilities. Vestry Liaisons, Susan Covington, Jr. Warden the4covs@charter.net; Chris Kamm glarnerdesign@yahoo.com, and Sally Cochran sallypcochran@gmail.com.

Planned Giving
The Planned Giving team is responsible for developing a program of planned giving at Trinity. It will educate the congregation about the ways in which planned gifts can be made and will organize a yearly recognition of those who have made plans for Trinity, both the living and the dead. Convener, Ralph Simpson. Vestry Liaison, Adrian Vassallo. ralph@ralphsimpson.com.

The Investment team oversees the financial investments of Trinity Parish. The team will work together to determine appropriate risk for Trinity and choose investments and recommend a return rate to the Vestry. Convener, Fred Groce. Vestry Liaison, Adrian Vasallo. fgroce@charter.net.

The Stewardship team will educate the parish as to the place of stewardship in Christian life. The team will offer ways for members of the parish to offer the stewardship of their time, talent and treasure and will administer the parishís Annual Campaign Appeal. Vestry Liaison, Adrian Vasallo.

Program Teams

Adult Christian Education and Formation
The Adult Christian Education team will work with the Rector and clergy to establish a program of formation for adults at Trinity church. Convener, Carol Hubbard. Vestry Liaison, Jerry Grant. carol@trinityasheville.org; jgrant@beverly-grant.com.

Childrenís Ministries
The Children and Youth Ministries team will assist the Director of Childrenís Ministries in establishing and implementing a program of Christian formation for and with our children, from infants to fifth grade. Convener, Beth Chestnut. Vestry Liaison, Allison Mainolfi. beth@trinityasheville.org; amainolfi@juno.com.

Congregational Development
The Congregational Development team will oversee ministries of welcome at Trinity. They will look at the questions of signage, incorporation of newcomers, welcome material, advertisements and more. Vestry Liaison, Carole Hildebran. carole.hilderbran@alumni.wfu.edu.

Parish Life
The Parish Life team will oversee the ministry of hospitality at Trinity including parish receptions, meals and other opportunities of fellowship. Vestry Liaison, Catherine Metzger. catherine_metzger@uhc.com.

Pastoral Care
The Pastoral Care team will assist the clergy in caring for members of the congregation and will assist members of the congregation in caring for each other. The team will seek to support the ministries of visitation, Lay Eucharistic Ministry, meals to the home bound, letter writing and more. Convener, the Rector. Vestry Liaisons, Chris Dismukes and Jerry Grant. chdismukes@gmail.com.

The Outreach team will work to establish and implement the ministry of outreach at Trinity. The team will oversee the budgeted funds approved for outreach, establish partnerships for outreach and seek to engage all of the members of trinity in participating in the outreach ministries the parish is called to. Convener, Katie Chappell. Vestry Liaison, Chad Hardy. kchappell@gk-cpa.com; kchardy@charter.net.

The Worship team will assist the Rector in the coordination of the regular worship of Trinity. Convener, the Rector. Vestry Liaisons, Tina McGuire and Charlie Waddell. tinamcgu@charter.net; cewaddell@hotmail.com.

The Youth team will assist the Director of Youth Ministries with design and implementation of a full program for the youth (6th through 12th grade) of Trinity Church. Convener, Debbie Cox. debbie@trinityasheville.org.

The Vestry asks that every member of Trinity spend time in prayer considering their own gifts and passions in life. Then, review the array of ministry teams that have been established by the Vestry and consider how your gifts and skills might be put into action. You can contact the Vestry Liaisons directly to express your desire to participation. You can call the rector or any of the clergy to discuss any questions you may have. In the coming weeks members of the Vestry will also be inviting members of the parish to participate in a ministry team. We pray that this process will allow an ever greater number of members a way to offer their own talents and gifts at Trinity, that together our ministry to each other and our neighbors may grow deep and wide.


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