It's time to sign up for SUNDAY SUPPER CLUB, formerly called Wine and Dine.​ A new name to signify we are adding the option of groups around stages of life and to be sure even those who do not drink wine or beer are equally welcome in all our activities at Trinity!​ Club
Sunday Supper Clubs are groups of adult parishioners sharing simple meals and fellowship. The intention is to have fun and to provide an opportunity for us to meet each other and/or become better acquainted. Each group meets once each quarter on Sunday evenings from 6:00-8:00 or 8:30 p.m. in the homes of members for a potluck dinner and relaxed conversation. The Captain for each group helps facilitate the gatherings.
Sunday Supper Clubs are not intended to DO anything but simply to BE what Christians are: groups of people who gather together and "love one another". These gatherings provide time to be with one another so that friendships may grow.
For those who wish, we will create groups based on "stage of life", i.e. those with small children, those with middle school or high schoolers, or empty nesters.
To Sign Up:

1. Use the Online form below
2. Call Cheri Taylor at 828-231-3762
3. Email Cheri Taylor at and to let her know if you would prefer to be in a
    group with others in a similar stage of life.