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The seed of the idea for Trinity Art Guild grew from an Anglican tradition rooted deep in the Cotswolds. There, village water color artists depict parish churches, cemeteries and village scenes on note cards and mementos to be sold in support of parish ministries. This age-old tradition merged and morphed with Father Bill Whisenhuntís long held dream of an Ann Vasilik painting of Trinity Church. Slowly a small group of interested parishioners formed with each person bringing a unique perspective and talent to the group.

The Trinity Art Guild shepherded the nearly 9 month process of the painting into reality, and it now hangs in Tuton Hall. From this painting came Trinityís interpretation of the Anglican tradition of using Godís blessings and gifts of beauty and the spirit of this place to turn His investment, in thanksgiving, back into a benefit to the childrenís and youth ministries.

New for 2019 - Christmas Cards "Peace on Earth" inside.

The Trinity Art Guild currently offers varying sized prints of the Vasilik painting of Trinity, note cards, Sallie Middleton prints and note cards, Trinity Triangle tiles, Christmas ornaments and Christmas cards for sale to benefit the Children and Youth ministries. The group is rich in ideas for new and upcoming projects which manifest Godís grace in our midst.