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Fellowship Committee - The fellowship team is to lift up and promote fellowship among all members of the parish through events, meals, and receptions.

Breakfast is served every Sunday in Tuton Hall at 9:00 am. Volunteers are needed to cook. Cost: $4.00 

Family Friday - Several times throughout the year families with young children (through elementary school) gather together for fun, fellowship and outreach. We usually meet on Friday evenings (thus the name!) with activities including cook outs by the river, Tourist baseball games, bowling, fall festivals and other family friendly activities.  This gives families a chance to get to know one another better than is often possible on those hectic Sunday mornings!  We offer nursery care for infants and crawlers for some of these activities.

Receptions are for special events throughout the year. (funerals, confirmations, welcome and farewells, music concerts, etc.)

Fellowship Dinners - Help once a month to cook dinner, set up the parish hall, collect money, serve the meal or light clean up.

Photographer -
Occasionally climb behind a camera to visually record parish events.

Trinity Women's Book Club I - Covered dish supper meetings six times a year in members' homes  ̶  casual, fun and informative!  Contact Erwin Gunnels for more information.
Trinity Women's Book Club II -
Meets six times a year in the Clark Room at Trinity  ̶  casual, fun and informative!  Contact Barbara Fotinos for more information.
Sunday Supper Club
- Have you ever thought how nice it would be to get to know some of your fellow Trinitarians better? You know, the people you always see but don’t interact with either because they might go to a different service, attend another Sunday School class, or don’t sit near “your spot” in the pew. Sunday Supper Club has been created to create new friendships and strengthen others – all while having a good time!  Groups of no more than 24 people will get together four times a year on a Sunday evening for dinner. These groups will consist of a true mix of people – all ages from all parts of town, newcomers and oldcomers alike. Each season 6 of the people in your group will plan a dinner at one of their homes. The remaining singles and couples in the group bring the wine. This way you only have to plan one dinner, yet get to attend four! And, every year the groups will change!  How fun is that? Want to sign up?

Seniors at Trinity - The Seniors at Trinity are a very vibrant group under the leadership of Margaret Ensley.  Activities and programs are planned monthly usually on Thursdays during the day.  Programs are varied and have included the study of Pompeii, fall outings on the Blue Ridge Parkway and Lake Louise, as well as presentations by representatives from State Representatives, the Council on Aging and Earth Fare Supermarket for a tour of healthy eating for Seniors.  A schedule of events for 2010-2011 will soon be available.



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