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Adult Education & Formation
Sundays - 9:30a

March 17-April 14
Holy Week for Lent: A Journey through the Arts

The whole of salvation history builds to this one holy week when Christ arrives in Jerusalem and journeys to the cross. With its high drama, pathos, and importance, this week has inspired artists throughout history. We will spend Sundays during Lent exploring different events in Holy Week through the arts, allowing paintings, story, and poetry to open us up to these climatic seven days in the Christian calendar. The final three weeks will be led by art professor and Trinitarian Jennine Hough.

Envisioning Holy Week in Story and Song

March 17
The Drama of Holy Week
led by Scott White

Holy Week carries with it all the pathos and drama of a tragic play. It's visual and visceral, so it is no surprise that Passion Plays have been a significant part of worship during this week for centuries. We'll look at the history and legacy of these plays such as the famous Oberammergau Passion Play, which dates to the 1600s, became the first "Jesus" film in the late 1800s and has disturbing connections to European anti-semitism as well as a more modern incarnations of the passion play - such as The Passion of Christ, Jesus Christ Superstar and Godspell.



March 24
The Hymns of Holy Week
led by Sharon Carleton Boone

It has been said that most of the theological "work" we do on Sundays comes in the form of hymns and verses. Join our music director Sharon Boone as she shares and discusses a few of the most rich and meaningful hymns and anthems of Holy Week.





March 31-April 14
Envisioning Holy Week through Art
led by Jennine Hough

Join art history professor and artist Jennine Hough as she takes us on a dramatic visual journey through the art of these events of Holy Week during the last three weeks of Lent.

March 31: The Entry into Jerusalem and the Last Supper
April 7: The Trial and Crucifixion of Jesus
April 14: The Tomb and Resurrection




Holy Week for Lent: A Journey through the Arts



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