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Adult Education & Formation
Sundays - 9:30a

Explore the Episcopal Experience Sundays
Jan. 13-March 3 (8 weeks)

The Episcopal Church is one denomination of Christ’s holy Catholic Church and our identity is unique. Our new Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry says, “We are the Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement.” In this seven-week class, led by the Rector, we will learn how the Episcopal Church came to be and how it continues to offer a unique expression of life in Christ. We will look through the lens of the Book of Common Prayer to understand the Episcopal church’s expressions of faith; namely theology, sacraments, Scripture, prayer and holy living. We will also take some time to explore the particular identity of Trinity Church. This class is especially appropriate for those who are new to the Episcopal Church or new to Trinity. Those who take this class will be prepared to be confirmed or received by our Bishop when he visits Trinity. Led by Scott White in the Undercroft.

Reading the Bible Literately (Not Literally)
An Epiphany Series

Led by Ed Bleynat (JAN 6 - JAN 13) and several other Trinitarians, this enlightening series for Epiphany will plumb the depths of Scripture, exploring how genre informs and enriches the story of God in our sacred texts. For example, what happens when we read the story of Saul and David through the lens of tragedy or what do we notice anew when we read the story of Abraham or the Exodus against literature's great tales of journeys? Join us each week for a fresh look at Scripture.
(Conference Room)


January 20 Genesis is also full of stories of journeys, both physical and spiritual. How do we see that love is the way, both spiritually and amid life-changing journeys? Led by John Gregory, Humanities Chair, The Asheville School.



January 27 The Rev. Dr. Margaret Ann Faeth dives into the Exodus narrative, a book of conflict, change, and liberatio. How is the love of God expressed here, sometimes in surprising characters or subtly influential women.



February 3 The genre of tragedy was well-known to the ancient Greeks and also to the modern world in Shakespeare. The Saul-David story offers elements of tragedy. Join John Hall, an actor and teacher, as he explores this tale through the lens of tragedy. Led by John Hall.


February 10 EfM mentor and Trinitarian Scott Hart will dive into the prophets of the Jewish sacred texts, which comprise of significant, if often overlooked, portion of Scripture.


February 17: St. Mark with Ed Bleynat will take a look at this short, urgent gospel, reading it in the context of history and apocalyptic literature.




February 24: The Rev. Dennis Fotinos takes a close look at Luke-Acts, two books written by the same author, that encourage us to look broadly at God’s gift of salvation that crosses borders and boundaries.




March 3: Finally, we close out Epiphany with John’s gospel, a book in which fittingly light plays a central theme. We’ll see both the metaphor and poetry at work in this metaphorically and symbolism-rich gospel.



Parents in Conversation

Join us as we explore Brene Brown's book, "Braving the Wilderness", and what it means for us as parents. (Clark Room)




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